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EOS R and maze pattern with DPP4

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At f/1.2 or f/1.4 a maze pattern is visible at 1:1 in DPP 4.11.02 (due to green equilibration I suppose). The maze pattern is visible also in Lightroom Classic 8.2.1, RawTherapee (AMaZE without green equilibration correction), darktable (AMaZE).


What I ask Canon is to release an updated version of DPP that will let the user choose which demosaicing method to use, for example VNG4 to remove maze pattern. A green equilibration correction feature would also work. The code is already open source and free to use.


Below is a GIF sample at 300% crop from a raw file (AMaZE vs VNG4). RawTherapee (AMaZE) shows the same pattern like DPP4 and Lightroom show, RawTherapee (VNG4) and darktable (VNG4) remove the pattern.


Below the GIF file there is a  200% crop sample from Lightroom and below that one a 200% crop sample from DPP4.








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"What I ask Canon is to release an updated version of DPP..."


The why don't you ask Canon instead of forum users that have no pull with Canon?


Apparently neither Canon nor I see it as a big problem.

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