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EOS 80D Getting error 70


I have tried using webcam utility software with my caon eos 80d, while connecting after few seconds it shows the error 70 and the camera stops working, i have tried removing battery and again starting the webcam utility but it again and again showing the same error.


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Product Expert

Hi there,


Does the error 70 occur any other time? For example, if you were to record a movie for ten minutes with the camera on its own without a computer  does the error 70 happen as well?


You'll need to answer Mark's question.


If the error displays under normal use and shooting video, you have a more serious issue:



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I have an 80D, and mine will error out when used as a web cam as well, but I can shoot until my battery dies in any other function. Any thoughts?

Any shooting and recording are all OK.

But whenever I cast streaming via EOS Webcam utility, my 80d stops every 2~3 minutes with "Err 70".

I changed broadcasting software from OBS to many but same result always.

Help us please.


I am having the exact same issue.  I have done a few FB Lives with no problem, going on for well over an hour.  Attempted a FB live via my Canon 80D this week, and the camera shuts down after less than 2 minutes, and gives an Error 70.  Everything I see in Google searches are all related to shooting stills.  I can still shoot photos and I can shoot regular video with no problem.  Only when I try to go live through the EOS Utility that it gives this error, and always within the 2 minute mark.

Yup. Sounds about right.

Praying its an EOS Utility Beta issue.  I see that the full version has come out for the PC.  But I am on a Mac and it isnt up to full version yet.

I also have been recently having this problem. I have been using my 80D almost daily since April as a Webcam. I downloaded the new utility today and didn't see much difference. I shut off HD video and that seemed to help or delay the error. Maybe something is wearing out due to heat from being on so much? I never shot hours and hours of video before, mostly stills.

I am getting this error too after several minutes of using an 80D as a webcam (zoom) on os x 10.15  (ER 70, the have to remove battery).

Any solutions?