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EOS 7D vs EOS 5D Mark IV Video Upload Problems

New Contributor

I am a first timer on ANY community discusssion forum !

This is my FIRST EXPERIENCE in trying to solve a problem in this manner.


FWIW my first Canon hardware was a F1N with a number of L lenses up to a 600.


My current oldest is a 7D, and I have 2 5D's, one each 3 & 4.
And again L lenses up to 600 IS.


My problem: 

I have some older video files from my 7D, that I tried to upload to Ebird, for the Cornell  Macaulay Library.

I tried a test of a 16 second file, and it was rejected, despite being of the required .MOV file type.
I have tried the same file converted to .MP4, (still rejected).

I have tired several conversiiterations via "CloudConert in Germany, and still no go.


What I REALLY wanted was direct help from Canon to determine if there is something different in the video output files from an older 7D, and a new 5D MK4.

ANY reference to someone that can help would be appreciated.



Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi there,


Codecs and compression methods have changed since the introduction of the EOS 7D, but the file type being the same should allow for the same compatibility. If the problem persists it may have something to do with other upload parameters which are not as explicit, but exporting the file from your editing software into a new .MP4 file that would use the encoding from your editing software and that would be a way to determine if it has to do with the native encoding on the EOS 7D or something else.

First thank for the reply. The problem was resolved 9/15/2020. 
It is a long answer but moot.