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EOS 60D corrupted images issue


Hi. I have a Canon EOS 60D. Recently when I have been looking through my images that I shot via adobe bridge, a lot of my photos flash up with coloured lines/marks - almost like the image is corrupt. But then it goes away and comes ok. But sometimes it will stay on.

I thought maybe my SD card was corrupt so I replaced it, 3 SD cards later and I’m still having this issue. Could this be a camera issue?

Grateful for any help and advice. Thanks. 



Rising Star
Rising Star

Two possibilities; the file is corrupt or the tool reading it is not doing the correct job.

If the same image shows up with the same error in Canon's Digital Photo Professional software then it is more than likely a corrupt file, if it looks ok in DPP then it's Bridge that is at fault.

Bridge tries to read the small embedded thumbnail initially in an image to show a sick preview, but then loads the whole file to display it. It could be that the thumbnail is corrupted or the actual image data.

Brian - Canon specialist trainer, author and photographer
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