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EOS-1D X Horizontal Shutter Button Stopped Working, Vertical OK


So I have a Canon 1DX and I take racing pictures so yesterday I was taking pictures during the races and all of sudden my horizontal shutter quit working like it was stuck the vertical one still works I tried changing cards the battery cleaned the contacts from the body and lens it still doesn’t work when I don’t even have a lens on it wondering if anyone else has had this issue 



It sounds like your shutter has suffered a malfunction. I would recommend having the camera checked out by a camera technician.  If you are in the US, call 800-OK-CANON to talk to one.

cheers, TREVOR

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" I would recommend having the camera checked out by a camera technician."


Hold on there not so fast before you do that do a full reset of the 1DX. Its not the CF cards and it is not dirty contacts. Cleaning contacts rarely to never helps or works. The only possibility you have at home is to try the reset and making sure both the battery and charger are working as they should. I might mention if you were not using a Canon brand lens remove it and put a Canon lens on. As well as any non-Canon accessories. Back to basics!

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With the camera in the horizontal position, try using both shutter buttons.  Same for the camera in the vertical position.  Wondering if there's something else going on being the horizontal shutter button sticking.


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"It sounds like your shutter has suffered a malfunction."

This, too, is unlikely if the shutter operates in the other orientation.

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and less lenses then before!


If the user shoots at a dirt track, as his name suggests, there's nothing wrong with sending it in for a good once over and a clean and check! 😊

You can talk to support if you need help setting that up - they're at 800-OK-CANON (800-652-2666), or you can set it up online at

I would be when I search for my device it doesn’t come up 

@DirtTrackPhoto8 wrote:

I would be when I search for my device it doesn’t come up 

Heree is the Canon Support site for the 1D X.

Canon Support for EOS-1D X | Canon U.S.A., Inc.

It's quick to try, but since there is no setting that disables the shutter buttons a reset may not clear the issue.

I don't know if Canon still services the 1D X. Stephen's contact info will tell you.

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ahhh you're right - it went out of service life back in 2022. I'd still call support, though. 


There is only one shutter, it doesn't matter which orientation the camera is in.  To clarify, are you referencing the shutter release at the top of the camera as the horizontal button?  On the 1 series cameras, the other shutter release can be disabled by the on/off switch near it.

If the release button quit working, you may have dust/debris that has gotten through a seal.  With back button focus off (AF assigned to the shutter release), does it AF with a half press?


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