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Corrupted videos from my r6mii to my laptop


Hello evryone.. hope someone help me with my problem.. i just upgraded my camera last month,from r10 to r6 mii .. im a begginer videographer..  its just so stressfull because when im shooting clog3 then downloaded to my laptop why there are all corrupted? My laptop is asus vivo 16x oled with 4k resolution.. i already downloaded VLC media player for it but still the sam.. 😔help pls



It would be easier to help you if you could provide more information.  What does "corrupted" mean?  What exactly are you seeing?  Is there an error message?  What software are you using?

Bear in mind that VLC media player can struggle to play movies from the camera.  I certainly see this on my high-end laptop.  Movies straight from the camera are at a very high bit rate, and VLC might just not be able to manage.  You should load them into a high-end video editor (Resolve, Premiere Pro, etc.) and see what they look like there.

And note that the R6 produces movies at a much higher bitrate (340 Mb/s in log) compared to the R10 (170 Mb/s in PQ mode).

Also, since you're shooting log, I assume you are de-logging the footage somehow...?

Thanks for your reply. I just updated my software on my r6mii .. 1.3.0 and still the same.. still glitching and suddenly stop or no video only audio..

I used vlc latest update ..ush ii v90 300 mbs 128 gb memory card.. kingston brand

Still didnt solved my problem.. still glitching,no video only sound.. 



Well I have to say, if I'm right about it being too high a bit rate, I'm not surprised.

  • The camera shoots 340 Mb/s in log.  That's part of the design.  Updating the firmware isn't going to change that.
  • Changing the memory card doesn't change the files which get recorded to that card.  So still 340 Mb/s.  Yes, a slow card could cause corruptions, but I think you've eliminated that.
  • VLC is VLC, and can do what it can do, regardless of what version you're running.

In other words, you've changed everything that couldn't make a difference.

You need to try what I suggested -- "You should load them into a high-end video editor (Resolve, Premiere Pro, etc.) and see what they look like there."  Can you do that and tell us if the files work?

You may not have been intending to edit, but in that case shooting high-bitrate log makes no sense.  So, another thing you could try, is use a lower shooting mode, and see if that helps.  For example, you could turn log off, and set the camera to 4K (29.97p/25.00p/23.98p) IPB Light, which records 60 Mb/s; or record in Full HD (29.94p/25.00p) IPB Light, at 12 Mb/s.  Even if you don't intend to use those modes, trying them will let you see of bt rate makes a difference.

I agree with AtticusLake here, this very much sounds like a codec/bitrate issue. I actually ran into something very similar recently when trying to view some videos from my R6. Standard video players wouldn't play the files and even VLC had some difficulty. When I loaded them into the FREE version of Resolve, they still had issues (came in only as audio). I did end up buying the full version of Resolve, not necessarily BECAUSE of this issue but since I needed a full version anyway. They now load in and preview just fine. A full resolve license might be a bit overkill and pricey just to view your video files, some additional options would be the following...

-Premiere Pro Monthly License/Trial - Premiere is Month to Month and I believe they'll give you a free 14 day trial. You could try this route to view the files at least to confirm they AREN'T in fact corrupted.

-VLC Export - If you're not getting them to play directly through VLC you can always utilize VLC to convert and export the files to a different format that your machine CAN read. I believe I followed THIS video when I was having troubles and it resulted in a batch of videos I could actually preview locally...

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