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Canon EOS RP adapter compatibility



My granddad has a Canon EOS RP, and I recently received a Rokinon AF 14mm f/2.8 FE lens for Sony E from a friend. I noticed that these two are not directly compatible with each other.

My question is: Is there an adapter I can buy to make these two components compatible?

Thanks for the help!



Negative.  I am not aware of any such adapter, Sone E Mount to Canon RF Mount.  If you do find one for sale somewhere, it is probably bogus and will not work, at all.

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Technically it is possible, but such mounts tend to be purely mechanical adapters which means you'll lose autofocus, automatic aperature stop down, full open metering, etc.... and all of the other stuff you come to know and love on designed for the Canon lenses.


The Rokinon is a nice lens offering a 115* FOV on a full frame body.  I have the 12mm which offers 180*.  Alas however, you'll want to get the Canon EF mount version to use it with a Canon Adapter as Waddizzle suggests.  

These lenses are popular for astrophotography. If your friend sold you this lens, I'd return it and ask for my money back

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That lens is an electronic lens, which means that its aperture and focus are controlled by commands sent from the camera. The focus ring on the lens is just an electronic controller which sends input information to the camera. This kind of lens is often called "fly-by-wire".

The problem is that the command protocols that the different manufacturers use are proprietary and incompatible. So there is no way your Canon camera could communicate with a lens made for Sony, or vice versa, and as far as I know no adapter whch could translate their protocols. So, no.

If you want to know more about lens compatibility, I wrote an article on that:

The section "Foreign Lens on Your Camera" applies here.