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Canon EOS R!!!

New Contributor

I would like to get peoples opinion about getting the Canon EOS R. I want to upgrade my camera to mirrorless and think the new RF Lens from canon look amazing plus would be a good investment for the future.

I normal take landscape and travel pictures with no videos so the crop size issues isn’t a factor for me.

I have also been looking at the Sony 7iii and don’t like the look and feel of it but understand at the moment they are ahead of canon in sensor design.

Just want to get peoples opinion who have used the EOS R and/or Sony 7iii


Occasional Contributor

bf (Small).JPGbf (Small).JPGfav (Small).JPGlewes-2 (Small).JPGwalk-5 (Small).JPG



A few sample photos using the Canon EOS R.  Please keep in mind these were taken during the first 2 weeks that I owned the camera.  I'll still dicovering features.