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Canon 6D Mark ii - NO electronic level with external monitor

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Hi everyone,
Strange problem. I connected a brand new LCD monitor to my Canon 6D Mark ii, and everything works very well, except for one thing that's super important to me. The electronic level refuses to display on the external monitor when I turn LIVE VIEW to "ON.


Without any external monitor hooked up, if you turn Live View to ON, and press the "info" button a few times, you'll see the electronic level display along with many other icons.  On my 6D Mark ii, all icons are present, but the electronic level is missing. 


--> IF - I turn Live View to OFF, and then press the "Q" button I can shuffle through the options, and one of them is the full screen electronic level.  This will show up on the back of my camera without a problem, and - it also display correctly when an external monitor is hooked up and operating. 


I tried hooking it up with 2 different HDMI cables ( generic cables from Amazon )

So to sum up, when Live View is ON and the external monitor is attached and powered up, every single icon is displayed 100% correctly on the external monitor, except that the electronic level. Does anyone know of a solution ? ( I've checked firmware and I'm running the latest one ) I think I'm out of luck. Not sure why out of all things the level would not display.

Thanks for any help.  As we know, there hasn't been any firmware update for the 6D Mark ii for some time and it's the end of the line for updates for this camera ( pretty sure of this )  Thank you for any help !


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Just started cooking dinner...  haven't had a chance to research this yet.


See this post


Migh be as designed.  I don't have a monitor to test with at the moment. 

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Hello shadowsports, thanks for your input.  I'd come over with my monitor so you can test it out, but I'm a few thousand miles away from you LOL.


Hopefully somebody reading this can also test it out.


Thank you again for your reply.


See pages 80-85 of your manual for info about the electronic level.


See page 298, for specific instructions on getting it to display in live View (3 button presses) Info button. 


But again, I don't have a monitor handy to test with.  The EL is accurate to + or - 1*.  The built in level of my own internal neural net is just as accurate.  I think my high school yearbook instructor imparted this on me during my jedi training of film planes. 


Bay Area - CA
~6D2(v1.1.0) ~Many Lenses ~DxO PhotoLab Elite ~Windows10 Pro ~EVGA RTX 2080 FTW3 Ultra ~ImageClass MF644Cdw