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Busy message on screen

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I've just started astophotography.  I've been using my Canon 250D.  I've been doing this for about 6 months, and haven't changed anything on the setting since I've started.  Just recently, the camera has started showing busy, which causes problems with keeping the time sequence.  I'm using a velometer that I can program the delay, shot time, pause interval and the number of shots.  Up until now, I've had any issues.  In the last week, I'm getting this busy mesage.  To compensate, I've timed it and have adusted by pause interval to match the delay; however, this issue is driving me bonkers since I can't figure out why it has started doing this all of sudden.  Any suggestions on how to address this issue?


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Did you increase your exposure time to beyond 1 second?


If you are in Auto, and If the camera is warmer than before, or you have gotten a few more hot pixels you might have just hit the Auto threshold.

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I'll bet it was always on Auto, and something happened to put you just over the threshold, like a few extra hot pixels, or the temperature of the camera.