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80d - Mode dial not selecting correct mode

New Contributor

Hi all,


I am hoping somebody can help me with an issue I am having with a recently purchased new-to-me Canon 80d camera (purchased from B&H Photo).


When I turn the mode dial to select my desired mode, the display screen does not show what has been selected on the mode dial. Below is a list of what is selected on the mode dial and then the selection displayed.


B -> B

M -> B

Av -> Tv

Tv -> Tv

P -> P

A+ -> P

Flash Off -> P

CA-> P

SCN -> C1 p

Creative filters -> C2 p

C2 -> C2 p

C1 ->  C1 p


Has anybody else experienced this problem? Is there a setting that I have not implemented?


I have tried using a brand new SanDisk SD card and updating the firmware on the camera.


Occasional Contributor
Just to confirm does this issue started for you after connecting to a mobile through WiFi?

Occasional Contributor
The issue is fixed after cleaning by service center, hope this will be helpful for people with same issue.