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70d hdmi out


On my 70d can I change a setting to clean up the hdmi out, I want to remove the gray box and black letter box so that the image fills the full screen.


when you play back video on TV right ? Press the DISP button to hide/show various option. And use the "zoom" function on your TV to fit the video.
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Sometimes I have the same problem with the additional info being displayed on the screen while hooked up to an HDMI TV.  Pressing the DISP button didn't seem to work.


I found that if I disconnected the HDMI cable and then pressed the DISP button to clear the info, it would then be Okay once I hooked it up again.


There is probably a simpler way to do it, but that works for me.   

Mike Sowsun

hsbn and MikeSowsun:


I was able to get all the extra info off by hitting the display button, the issue is the letter box. Using teh zoom fucntion on the TV should solve that problem for the TV, but I was hoping that I coudl remove the letter box from the feed because what I really want to do is read the feed into wirecast (via a black magic ultrastudio mini recorder)  and use it for a live streaming broadcast.


It doesn;t see like there is a way to turn off the letter boxing in the camera, or is there???

I don't know what you mean by "letter box".  When I hook up my 5D3 or SL1 to my 60" Samsung TV, and play back a video, I get a full screen display with no text, or anything else. 

Mike Sowsun

the 70d has a letterbox the images doesn;t fill the whole screen it is framed in a gray box inside a black letterbox- I knew the 5d3 gives a clean feed, it's good to know the SL1 also does.

it looks like this (only without the time stamp)


Here's another screen shot:



the image should fill all the black- no gray line, no letter box. At least that;s what I want.



I think I see what you mean....


With my SL1 I see a gray box and blacked out area when hooked up and recording video. My 5D3 doesn't do this....


On playback they are both full screen.


Is that what you mean?



Mike Sowsun

yes thats what i mean—if I can remove that letter box I can make my 70d a low cost very hi quality studio camera for a webcast.