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6d wrong choice for portrait work?

Occasional Contributor

Ok guys,


I was debating for quite some time whether to by the 6d or the 70d. Then I debated the 6d vs 5dIII. I went with the 6d based on many reviews, opinins and some great help on this forum. I haven't really had the chance to put it through it's paces yet. I really hate reading manuals, so I bought this short Creative Live class the John Greengo held on the 6d. He was saying that hardly anyone would use this camera in the studio since you have to run it at 1/100 to get a decent sync speed. This makes me nauseous. This was the main reason I bought this camera was for studio portraits. Does anyone have any encouraging words to make me feel like I made the wrong choice? I definitgely want a full frame, so if this isn't the one, I would have to spend twice as much on the 5dIII. 


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Oh wow. That is very helpful! Sometimes I get so preoccupied on one thing I forget about the other. Like the shutter speed killing ambient light! I think I'm about ready to place my order. 🙂

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It's a bit comical for someone to worry about the sync speed of his camera, yet be too lazy to look it up in the manual.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA

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What's comical, BOB, is that people come on these forums for help and some internet tough guys sit there and make snide comments. What good would looking it up in the manual do? I already knew what the sync speed is supposed to be and that's what the manual says. Do you think the manual would tell me that there is horrible banding at the bottom of the image at 1/180th and even some at 1/125th?


I was hoping to get some input from someone that either owned a 6d or had experience with it. Thanks for your input BOB.