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XL-mount lens compatibility on EOS Rebel T3


I was wondering if I could fit a canon video lens 20x zoom xl 5.4-108mm l is f/1.6-3.5 φ72 to a canon eos rebel t3...What's the best converter?



I wouldn't recommend adapting this lens to your camera. It was designed to be used with video cameras not DSLR cameras. Not to mention the lens cannot provide an image circle large enough to cover the image sensor. This will cause vignetting and will look like you shot through a pipe. Stick with EF or EF-S lens for your camera.

Lens compatability pt. 1 + footnotes .pngLens compatability pt. 2 + footnotes .png


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There is an adapter the Fotodiox Pro Lens Mount Adapter Canon EOS/EFs to Canon XL Mount but I have never seen one go the other direction. This is commonly done.

I don't believe anyone has or can make the adapter for the other direction. The flange distance and sensors are smaller and closer to the sensor so if you try to convert them to a larger mount like EF you would have problems with vignetting.  But not necessarily for the reason suggested above. The sensor will see the inside of the lens barrel.

You probably would not be able to focus to infinity.  If the flange distance is further out.

Contacts will also be an issue and why a cheap adapter will render you a totally manual lens.

I don't know what the crop ratio would be but I suspect it will be ridiculous There have been attempts to, but none can easily mount a mirco 4/3 lens to a DSLR. .

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