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TS-E 17mm f/4L Trouble focusing entire frame


Hi all,

I am using Canon 17mm TS on Z6Ii with Fringer adapter. Now the problem is i cant get all frame in focus. Sharpnes of the lens is fine what i can get in focus, but the problem is it is either middle and right side or it is middle and left side. It is simply impossible to get all frame in focus. Now what is interesting is, if i use it indoor when everything is closer that problem is less visible than outside. I did shoot on f11. Does anyone have idea is it maybe that lens need calibration or is it adaper or something else?



Putting a different brand on another make of camera can be problematic and that is further compounded by it being a Tilt-Shift unit.  If the lens focuses on a Canon camera, then the issue is with the Fringer adapter, or (more likely) the ability of the MILC camera to focus with a foreign optic that is designed for a DSLR and is about 15 years old.
It reads suspiciously like the tilt/shift mechanism is not aligned for straight ahead shooting.

cheers, TREVOR

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My guess is your focal distance is not correct. The distance from lens to sensor.

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