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Lense Adapter for 60D Camera

New Contributor

I recently bought a used Canon FD 85mm f/1.2 L Lens and did not realize it would not fit on my canon 60D. Is there some sort of adapter that I can purchase to make this lense compatible with my camera?


Respected Contributor

Yes, I did recommend the EOS M. I have never used one, but since it has the same 18mp sensor as many of Canon's other APS-C cameras, I assume it should have the same image quality as other Canon crop cameras. All the reviews I have read seems to say so as well.




As for "glass-less adapters"....


I can assure you that EdMika makes outstanding precise adapters and mount conversion kits. His workmanship is beyond question. Any of his adapters or mount conversion kits will be perfectly centered, parralell, and be able to achieve infinity focus.


Edmika Fd to EF adapters for telephoto lenses


EdMika FDn to EF conversion kits




Another Craftsman is Jim Buchanan. His work is equally outstanding and he has many satified customers.




The Lens Doctor in the UK is also well regarded.





I have personally converted 3 lenses (one FL and two FDn) lenses using EdMika hardware and they have all worked flawlessly on my SL1, 7D, 5D Mk II and 5D Mk III.


Here are some of my posts on POTN descibing the process of mount conversion using the EdMika kits:


FL 55mm 1.2 EF conversion


FDn 50mm 1.4 Brass EF conversion


FDn 50mm 1.4 Polymer EF conversion


I think if you were to convert one (or more) of your FD lenses to an EF mount, using one of the methods I mentioned above, you might be pleasantly surprised.  


Mike Sowsun
80D, 5D Mk III

Mike, oh Mike, my boy.  I have thried this way and many others way more than 3.  I guess we both agree that the cheap glass adapters are trash?


The only Ed Mika lens that I "successfully" adapted was my FD 600mm.  The others were all, lets say more challenging.  The 600mm does work really well.  If you can see to focus it.  It does have a beyond infinity feature so focus to infinity was not an issue but this is now lost.  It alos works pretty good on the FD 500mm f8 reflex.  But there again it is so fark as to make focus a real problem.


If you want to go this route, go for it.  I on the other hand am content to let the past reccede into history an fond memories.

BTW, even Canon realized the EOS-M was an egg.  Didn't last too long did it.  They are just not yet ready for prime time.  But if one is your cup of tea, don't forget the cream and sugar.  May have the same sensor but that is where it ends.


Thnaks for the links but I have read it all a long time ago.

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and several lenses!

Thanks to both of you. The friendly debate and links provide (with pictures) was very helpful to a newbie!


I'm going to return the lense and get a saddle that fits my current horse!Smiley Very Happy


I will probably invest in the Sigma 85mm f/1.4 - per your suggestions.


Very much appreciated!

"I will probably invest in the Sigma 85mm f/1.4 - per your suggestions."



This is a fantastic lens.  I love mine.  This thing is scary sharp and many claim it is the best 85mm ever made. Notwithstanding the old FD version.  This is one in a line from Sigma and all are at the top of the game.  A 35mm, 50mm amd the 85mm

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and several lenses!