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EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS III USM - minimally used

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First post to this board.  HELP!!!! I have the EF 70-200 mm f/2/8L IS III USM lens, purchased 7/2019. When I say it is minimally used, probably used not more that 8-10 times.  It has not been mishandled whatsoever!  Something has happened and it is not auto focusing.  I put in the repair for an estimate and it was right around $400.00.  Before I send it in, I thought I might get some suggestions as to what might have occurred to cause this.  And is there anything I might check on the lens or in camera. Nothing appears to be wrong with the lens settings.  Suggestions please!! Smiley Sad




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There's an  "AF-MF" switch on the lens. Since you have not mentioned about it, could I presume it's set on AF ?

"...could I presume it's set on AF ?"


Yes because the OP  said,... "Nothing appears to be wrong with the lens settings."



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Okay, if the lens switches are good, then I assume that means both AF/MF and focus limiter switch are good.


What about other lenses?  Can you auto focus with other lenses, too?  Is the camera set for BBF?


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