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Canon SL1 Lens

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Hi guys...|

I'm a beginner, and recently purchased an SL1. Very small body, but I like it, as both my wife and I can use it (she has extremely small hands).

I purchased a TAMRON 18-200mm, as an all-in-one vacation lens, and was very happy with the results (ultra wide-angle, as well as decent zoom capabilities). I also have the CANON kit lenses that came with the bundle (18-55mm & 75-300mm), as well as a CANON 50mm lens I found in a garage sale that just happened to fit.

What other Canon models will these lenses fit on?


I was to get another camera body, for myself, but would like the lenses to be interchangeable between my wife's SL1 and whatever I happen to get. I know it's got somewthing to do with EF and EF-S, but that's about all I know.

Can someone help?




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Any of the Canon DSLR's with APS-C sensors will work with your lenses. For example, all of the rebels. You don't say, but you probably have a mixture of EF and EF-S lenses. EF lenses will work with all Canon DSLR's and the EF-S will only work with the APS-C bodies like the Rebels.


The lens itself will have an EF or EF-S marking to tell you.

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So a 6D or a 7D body will work with the lenses I already have?

Excuse my ignorance. When I say we're biginners, I really mean it. JUST got the camera, and are having a lot of fun learning, making mistakes, over-exposing, under-exposing, taking the odd KILLER photgraph, making massive bumbles and deleting them all, etc, etc.

We've not had this much fun learning about something in a very long time, and are steadily reading up and learning about our new favorite hobby.

A 7D is an APS-C camera that uses EF-S lenses, so all your current lenses would work.


Sounds like you are doing the exact right method to learn your new hobby.

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I appreciate the information.

We've found that trial-and-error is the best way to learn the various settings (ie: F-stop, ISO, shutter-speed, etc).

And we've even been keeping our mistakes, so we know what NOT to do.

Every once and a while, out of nowhere and completely by fluke, one of us takes an absolutely STUNNING shot that's worthy of National Geographic, and then the chase begins for what the settings werer so we can try and make EVERY shot that way.


But alas... we've found that each and every location & subject & time of day & lens has it's own specific settings, depending on what your subject is.

There's SO MUCH to know & learn, and I'll be damned if I'm going to use that little green-box setting (auto-everything) ever again, nopw that we know the basics.

Again, i appreciate the information.

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Actually the EF S lenses will also work properly on the 10D thru 80D series. 80D is the newest member of the series so shops may be selling the 70D at discounted rates.


"A skill is developed through constant practice with a passion to improve, not bought."

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70D? and the difference between a 7D and a 70D would be...?

I know this is a lens post, but since you mention it, thought I'd ask.


For Canon DSLR series, generally the smaller the number the higher level of features/performance.


There is the xxxD series (Rebel in North America) the xxD and the xD. Thus, 700D, 70D and 7D.


For the xxD and xxD series a higher number is a newer model - 80D newer than 70D etc.


Things get more complicated for the xD series - 1D is the highest level camera. Newer models get Mark numbers (1DX Mark II, 5d Mark III, 7D Mark II for example). will give you all the info you need.

John Hoffman
Conway, NH

1D X Mark III, Many lenses, Pixma PRO-100, MX472, LR Classic

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Holy crap, that's a bit complicated. But it seems there's method to the madness, now that I've looked at the canon website.

I appreciate the tutorial!

So a 5D has more features/performance than a 7D.


And a 5D MK1 is older than a 7D MK2, and a 1D MK3 would be the newest & best performing camera.

Did I get that right?

The Mk value only applies within series. 5D Mk III is newer than 5D Mk II. 7D Mk II newer than 7D. (Actually also newer than 5D Mk III.

Also, more confusion from Canon. 1DX is newer than 1D Mk IV and 1DX Mk II newer than 1DX.

5D and 7D target different markets.
John Hoffman
Conway, NH

1D X Mark III, Many lenses, Pixma PRO-100, MX472, LR Classic