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Best EF lens to start with for motorsports


So I recently upgraded my gear. I finally retired my 1200D after many years to go for the 90D, since I could get a good deal for it. For now I only have the 50mm f1.8 and 18-135mm lenses as new ones.

For motorsports I used an old 70-300mm Canon lens which was okay and served me well, but since I upgraded my camera body I also want to get an upgraded lens.

I've been looking for a while and have come to the conclusion that it has to be either a 70-200 f2.8 or a 100-400mm lens. Of course the Canon L looks great, but right now I want to manage the budget. So there's basically two questions: which of the two sorts of lenses should I start with and then the question, which brand has a good option for a reasonable price?

Also: are the first marks of these Canon L lenses good enough to try, since there's quite a few of them second hand for a good price? Or are they 'behind the curve' compared to the mkII or mkIII?

Since I don't have track access and I'm not getting paid for photos, I won't get full access to the best spots on tracks, which makes me think the 100-400mm would be a good starting point. And if it helps: it would mainly be for tracks like Spa, Nordschleife and Zandvoort. What would you advice? Thanks in advance!



What are the deficiencies in your current lens?


@green0460.  Please answer kvbarkleys question in regards to your current lens set up.  

If reach and IQ are your primary goals, I'd go with the 100~400.  The 70~300 USM II is a pretty nice lens.  Are you confusing it with the 75~300 which is not one of Canon's best endeavors. 

Brand wise I see 2 choices for you.  Canon, the 100~400 L is a sharp lens as you eluded.  If will afford reach from less than advantageous shooting locations near the track.   It will also deliver in IQ. 

If you are farther back, and you want this reach on a budget, then a Sigma 150~600c or S (sports) (a little more) if you have some extra cash.  Both of these options (used) would be good mates for the 90D.

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