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Tr7520, how do you stop from printing from rear slot

New Contributor
This has just become a problem, I print from windows 10 pro x64, using Microsoft beta subscription. OS information as follows: Windows 10 Pro, Version 20H2,OS Build 19042.746. When I try to print a .jpg file via windows printing, continually tries to print from the rear print feed slot, I have searched online for any suggestions and found one that suggested turning off the paper mismatch feature under the printer settings on the printer. This did not work, the really strange thing is, this is a replacement printer that was sent to me feburary of this year, the old original printer did not do this. What can be done to DISABLE that option. I have tried in windows settings manually selecting cassette, since there is not an option for front paper tray, in all preferences and settings. Nothing seems to be able to disable this lousy function. Help please Thank you in advance Glenn A Nicholson