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Re: Canon MG5700 printer -printing words with a double shadow.

Occasional Contributor

My printer has suddlenly started pringting some words wiht a shadow. Only now and then (it is random) in a single document! Do the heads need cleaning?

Thank you.

@MaddydNielsen wrote:

Thank you - that seems to have worked.

Hopefully it will continue!

Maddy Nielsen.




Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi MaddyDNielsen,


I would recommend performing a nozzle cleaning. Please click HERE for the steps. Once the cleaning is done, please print the nozzle check and compare it to the nozzle check that opens by clicking the article I sent you.


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Occasional Contributor

Thank you. Will give this a try.

Cleaned the nozzle and also did a  deep clean on the print head. Also did an alignment but shadows still there and print hard to read at times!


HELP - any other suggesttions?





Hi MaddyDNielsen,


You can try cleaning the encoder/timing strip in the printer. Please click HERE for the steps to clean the encoder/timing strip.


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Occasional Contributor

Have tried cleaning the timing strip as suggested, but I still have shadowing. It prints one line perfectly and then the next three to four lines have shadows, so much so it is almost impossible to read. Ready to throw away this uselsee printer. Very frustrated.

Anything else I can try? Am using refillable cartridges and have done so for a while. Only recenty had this problem. iMac OS Yosemite 10.10.5

Further to my comment above. I have just purchased at great expense new cartridges!! Nothing appears to have changed. However I have discoverd if the print is converted to all blue - or all red - there is NO ghostling. Only seems to happen with the black.  Any thoughts??

Thank you!

Hi MaddyDNielsen,


Please print a nozzle check by following the steps HERE and let us know if it looks like the picture below:


We look forward to your reply

New Contributor

I have a similar problem, no problem when one uses it as a copier - perfect copies.

Have done print from photoshop in color - performed Ok.  .

Use it with NS WORD and I get this double/Ghosting Effect. I have cleaned nozzles and aligned head.

I get the feeling Maddy Gave Up

MG3665 printer