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Pixma TR8520 won’t print draft with Mojave - Apple and Canon can’t help

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I recently purchased the TR8520 but am unable to print in draft mode from my Mac (OS 10.14, Mojave). The three printing choices appear - draft, normal, and best - but when I drag the arrow to “draft” and release it, it jumps back to “normal”. I’ve spoken to customer support at Canon and Apple, who pointed fingers at each other. Finally the Apple rep suggested I ask the community. Can anyone help? Thanks!


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NOW I"m F@#$in gonna let somebody to refill ink tanks, not but cartridges anymore, rather buy a printer that supports photo print and the most basic feature DRAFT MODE.

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I had the same issue, it's simple to solve.

We need to download the drivers from canon website and use them instead of the automatically assigned airprint driver.


Copy&past from apple.stackexchange comment that helped me.


On the latest versions of OSX (e.g. tested with High Sierra, 10.13.2) there is a seemingly handy option to add "nearby printer" which lists printers the OS can auto-locate. The problem is that this option defaults to using airprint and never gives the option to change the print driver with the "use" drop down.

To fix this (see also this Epson-focussed exchange on Apple community), reinstall the printer using the printer-specific driver:

  1. Open Printers & Scanners in System Preferences.
  2. Select the Printer with the troublesome airprint driver
  3. Press the minus sign, "-," at the bottom to remove the current printer
  4. Press the plus sign, "+," to add a new printer
  5. Don't select from the nearby list, but rather select "Other"
  6. The printer should still appear on the list in the resulting dialog. Selected it, but before pressing add, access the "Use" drop down to select the corresponding printer driver. If your printer type is not listed below AirPrint, see if it is listed under "Select Software..." If it is still not there, you might need to download an updated driver from your printer manufacturers website.
  7. Once you have the corresponding driver selected in "Use" press the "Add" button.

This should now use the manufacturer customized printer dialog including the option to select "Fast" for "Print Quality" under the "Quality and Media" option set.



I tried these nice, clear instructions. They don't solve the problem because Canon's website tells me that there are no drivers for the PIXMA TR8520 printer. I tried reinstalling the Canon printer software, but that made no difference.

Thanks, though.

You are correct. Technically none of the Canon printers support draft mode beause Canon failed to create drivers. I now have a VERY expensive inkjet due to the amount of ink used to print. What a waste. The consumer loses again. Will never buy any Canon prodcut again.

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Wow sorry to hear that.


In my case I have a TS5050 and after updating the drivers everything works as expected.

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I have to say that I am incredibly disappointed that Canon has not found a fix for no draft mode for Mac. Ink will get very expensive. I just purchased this printer and am stuck with it but I will be sure to avoid Canon printers in the future. 

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Has there been any updates to this issue? My kids are now home due to coronavirus and I have to print PAGES upon PAGES for them. Is Canon turning their backs on families with kids and price gouging them for inks? We need draft mode ASAP!

I sold my Pixma as as fast as I could to a PC person. It looks like Canon is never to create drivers for the Mac. I am very happy with my new printer--an Epson printer, which includes drivers. Ink will always be expensive, but the Epson has 4 Print Settings. For PDFs, it's called Draft, for other documents, it's called Fast Economy. I will never buy a Canon product again.