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Pixma MX922 UV Black Light Ink ???

Occasional Contributor

Trying to find a personal printer Company that sells a machine that prints with UV Black Light inks (home use 8x11). I own a Pixma MX922 personal use all-in-one printer, but there aren't any of these cartridges for it. Why?  In this age of designer stuff for us home novices you would think inks like these would be made available. Any leads comments thoughts appreciated.      


Occasional Contributor

Hard to believe people do not want or have any interest in Black Light UV ink cartridges. Come on Canon step up to what a few people really, really want. I hope they will.    

I think there may be cricket activity but not for certain. Maybe I should query Epson and Brother. Does Canon really want them to get all the UV black light ink sales. It's hard to imagine but maybe their superiors never hear of these inquires. Sad, very sad. I will keep trying though.   

Hello, ColoradoRobert.


Please see the following:


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Hello Stephen, I do my best to get the attention from marketing and development about my need of UV Black light printer ink for my Pixma. I don't really know of another why to try an contact them. So are you someone who can inquier at their office door (product development).... or is that your door and you are ready to become the next multi-millionaire?  I am not alone in wanting this ink and I would bet there is a market for it if Canon would provide it. Do you know if they ever provided it?  Thanks for the terms of use. 

Why why why.... this seems like a market that would greatly benefit the novice artist and yet Canon, Epson and Brother seem to have no interest. Anybody know of any bootleg UV Black Light ink cartridges that won't mess up my Pixma?   

Hello Canon people is there any hope in getting this idea to the product development people?  Is there a better way to contact them for this?