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PIXMA mx922 prints blurry.


Our PIXMA mx922 prints blurry.  I have already cleaned the encoding strip.  


When I print a black and white text document. some lines on a printed document are sharp and crisp, while others are faint and blurry.  These crisp and blurry lines alternate all the way down the page. 


When I print a mixed color and black text document (such as a screen capture of this current page), the color sections are sharp but the black ink sections are blurry as mentioned previously.


The blurry text almost looks like a double image of the letters.


Thank you in advance for any suggestions.


I had tried ALL the suggested fixes from Canon (except calling their tech support) and THIS SOLUTION WORKED for me!!!!! I set my media type to photo paper (kept the quality at Standard) and it fixed the printed alternating blurry lines. Thank you, drkibble, THANK YOU!!

Thanks for the tip!  I set mine to High Resolution papers which you can find under "Other Papers" in the preference tab.  The only drawback to this solution is that it takes a long time to print.  A page that used to take about 15 seconds now takes about 2 minutes. but the blurriness disappears.  I'm thinking of doing this work-around until I use up my stock of ink for this printer, then buying something new.   This is the 2nd time I've had this particular model.  The last one developed some other seemingly incurable malady that affected print quality after about 5 years of use.  It really smells like planned obsolescence to me!  Feature-wise, it's really hard to beat the value that this printer provides.  Reliability-wise, it sucks.

Don't count on any type of support, if you've had this past a few months. They refused to assist me with this very same issue. 


How should I clean strip to try and prevent blurring

As I stated in an earlier message, i found numerous stores selling the MX922 for only $66. This was less than the cost of a new printhead and, since I liked the MX922 in every other respect, I bought a new one and thereby solved the problem.

Chucking the printer & buying a same brand replacement is a surefire solution to be sure!  However this approach does nothing to encourage Canon to improve quality control or printer reliability.  Buying another canon simply increases their sales! I too like all of the features, but won't buy another canon.  I don't plan to reward Canon's complacency.

Normally, I would agree with you but, in this case, I had a supply of ink cartridges that I would have had to throw out had I not replaced the printer.  I'm also a fan of Canon tech support.  They are US based, easy to reach, and very helpful.  This reinforces my decision to stay with Canon.

Printing on photo paper FIXED the problem, but created a new one. Now EVERYTHING is printing in blue... 

I agree Canon's compacency should not be rewarded. I have taken my Canon MX925 to the rubbish dump and bought a nice Epson XP-7100; so far so good!

Thanks for the photo paper suggestion to "fix" this issue. However, now all my pages print in blue or purple depending on my settings (I think photo paper vs high resolution paper). Any fix to this? Grayscale doesn't seem to fix it.
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