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PIXMA G5020 on MAC - How do I add/access different media types?!

Occasional Contributor

Does anyone know how to get the G5020 to "see" different media types on Mac OS? I only ever see the following media types:


- Auto

- Envelope

- Photo

- Plain Paper


Doesn't matter which print dialog I use (app-specific or system), there's no way to add/edit, and there are no additional options. 


I've updated drivers, re-installed software, and done everything else, but I simply cannot add/find/access additional media types.


I've read somewhere on the forums that these are the only media types available via AirPrint, but even when I connect the printer directly to my Mac via USB… that's all I get. 


It's super-limiting and (I feel like) it's preventing me from taking full advantage of the quality capability of the printer.


Any help or insight you can provide is greatly appreciated!



Occasional Contributor

Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?