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"You know very well what I'm doing," Hayley said quietly, her voice stony. "I'm resigning as of this minute. I'll send for the rest of my stuff." She pulled up the handle of her suitcase and dragging it behind her, brushed angrily past Katelyn.
"Hayley! Stop. What on earth is going on?" Katelyn cried, following the nanny to the foyer. Hayley opened the door and looked back at Katelyn for one agonizing moment and then rushed out. She got into her car and drove away.

Katelyn was about to tell Mike she'd never give up Hayley regardless of how much he was going to be around but decided to deal with that later. She told Mike she had a terrible headache and asked him to take care of the kids. When he went to change into shorts, she fumbled through the desk in his office. Finding Hayley's resume and grabbing the phone, she called the phone number listed on it.

Hayley's former roommate, Cindy answered. Katelyn said, "Hello, this is Katelyn McKinley. Hayley Matthews works for me as a nanny. I've been having trouble getting in touch with her today, and I was wondering if you've heard from her?"
The girl on the phone said Hayley had not been to her former apartment and took the number Katelyn gave her and promised to call if she heard from Hayley. There was nothing else Katelyn could do but to keep trying Hayley's cell and leaving messages.

Chapter Sixteen

"No," Katelyn replied absently. "I have some things to do here." She of course, had absolutely nothing to do, but she didn't want to go anywhere. All she could do was stress about the situation with Hayley.

She helped get the children ready and helped Mike load them into her SUV. In the distance, she heard the phone ringing. Katelyn ran hurriedly back into the house, her heart thumping in her chest, hoping and praying it was Hayley. She grabbed the phone anxiously, not even looking at the caller ID. Her heart and hopes sank when she heard a voice she didn't recognize.
"Mrs. McKinley? This is Tammy. I'm a friend of Cindy and Hayley's. I just talked to Cindy, and she mentioned you were trying to track down Hayley. She's been staying at my apartment the last few days."





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