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MegaTank Ink Delivery Tubes - Full or Not?

New Contributor

I have printed about 100 photos with my PIXMA G6020 with no issues. The photos look beautiful, and the ink levels have not changed. I opened the Ink Fill/Print head compartment and noticed that the tubes that deliver the ink from the reservoirs to print head are not full of ink and instead full of air. I do not know if this is an issue or not. I do not have problems printing, no error codes, and all the colors look accurate. I have checked around the forums and, in the manuals, but it does not mention this.


I have not performed any cleaning and the only maintenance option that might do what it says is ‘Ink Flush’ which ‘Fills the ink tubes and the print head with ink’. I really do not want to do this unless necessary as it consumes the most ink.


My question is: Should I perform an Ink Flush even though I don’t have any issues right now? Maybe a preventative maintenance cleaning? Do any other MegaTank consumers see the same thing, and this is normal? Should I just leave it alone?


Thank you for all who can provide context.




Product Expert
Product Expert



Since there is no print quality issues, I would check the lines again after another print to see if they are still full or air or if more ink has filled the line.


Performing Ink Flush frequently will rapidly deplete your printer's ink supply. I only recommend performing an Ink Flush only when necessary. If this case, the printer would not require a ink flush.



New Contributor

I think it can be useful to perform preventive cleaning of the device. In fact, the situation in the pic seems to be normal but every device needs to be cleaned before it brokes. I was in a situation when I got a broken camera from the online shop. I was really furious there because I had to get some automatic parts to repair them. They were a lil expensive and I ordered them in another country.  I used the tracking china post services to track the order this time, and I'm glad everything went fine. I repaired my camera and it's been working till this day.