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MX922 scanner problem message: set the pc to start scanning

New Contributor

I am trying to scan using my MX922 printer.  I am getting a message: "set the pc to start scanning." Can't find what this means.


FINALLY!! Someone who gave an answer that worked. Thank you!! Cat Very Happy

New Contributor

I am having the same problem. Not sure where to set up the local pc in order to scan.  I am on a iMac runnig with 10.6.8


Thank you!

Hi virginiaconesa,


When scanning from your Mac using the operating panel on the MX922, there are a few settings that need to be configured before the scan will work.


I recommend viewing the following article from our Knowledge Base: How to Scan using the MX922 Operation Panel - Mac.

This article details all the necessary settings for scanning from the operation panel.


If you have any other questions, please feel free to Contact Us

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The kb artical helps if you mac has a CD-rom drive, this is not the case with most mac's now-a-days is there a downloaded version I can use?


I found the drivers/software download at seeing now it that helps

virginiaconesa, i had the same problem and poked around until I found an option for the Bonjour ( I set it up using bonjour) multifunction. This will allow you to scan and print using one preset printer.

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I am having this problem too! Running Windows 8.

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Hello jildorman,


Try the following steps listed HERE to scan from the operational panel with Windows 8 Operating System and let us know what happens.

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That article just says how to scan. I'm doing that stuff. But when I press the Black button I get the error "Set the PC to start scanning" I'm using Windows 8.1. I just installed the printer driver.

I figured this out after a lot of trial and error.  After pressing scan, there should be a menu That says save/forward on the left and Scan settings on the right on the screen.  Click on Save/Forward.  Then click ok on PC.  Next it should give you the option for your your wireless pc connection.  On mine it lists Local (USB) and then the three accounts which are currently logged in on my computer for instance Mom OURFAMILYCOMPUTER-PC, Dad OURFAMILYCOMPUTER-PC, and Kids OURFAMILYCOMPUTER-PC.  If only Local (USB) appears try either turning the printer off and back on again, or possibly doing the same with your router or modem...anything that will get the printer looking for that wireless connection again.  Why the folks at canon can't tell you where that screen is is beyond me.

New Contributor

Yes, thank you for the suggestion to turn the printer off and then back on again. That was the right fix. You are also right that instructions to "go read the manual," when the manual does not address this issue, are pretty useless!