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MX922 scanner problem message: set the pc to start scanning

New Contributor

I am trying to scan using my MX922 printer.  I am getting a message: "set the pc to start scanning." Can't find what this means.


Thank you so much for solving my stupid problem. I tried getting the solution from Canon and of course, no such luck. You have been a bit of a life-saver for me! many, ma!ny kudos to you

I've just been scanning to a USB drive to avoid headaches.  Today I decided to try to scan to my laptop but all it says is "Local (USB)" and when I press the black and white print icon I get "Set the PC to start scanning".  It won't even let me go back to the USB drive option. 

Help - I just need to get this done because I'm dealing with a deadline.

THANK YOU!! All these years later and you deserve a great big thank you!

Occasional Contributor

THIS WORKED!!!! THIS WORKED THANK YOU!!!!!!   my scanner has never had a problem before. then i un plugged it and moved it to another room. I kept getting that mystery message "set the pc to start scanning"  it was driving me CRAZY!!  thank god i found your post. Dear Canon,  GET IT TOGETHER!!!! that we need a message board to "figure stuff out" is pretty obvious you need to try a llittle harder with your devices.   😉 

I am unable to scan with my Canon MX922 via a NetGear 04 combinatioin Mode Router to a Dell with WIndows 10.  Appears to not want to accept my Local (USB) port.  Any/all sugestons welcomed.

Thank you, thehlb, for your contribution.  Almost 3 years later, I am a new purchaser of Canon products having bought the Canon Pixma MX922 and I immediately had the same problem figuring out the message, "set the pc to start scanning."  I previously purchased all HP products but someone recommended this Canon printer so I bought it.  Without the Canon Community, I would be lost!  I wish Canon would improve on their support.  HP has a print and scan doctor which when  uploaded resolves almost every problem you run across with a new product practically immediately.  Thank you all for your contriubtions! 

Occasional Contributor

THIS WORKED!!!!  i never noticed the buttons ON the printer (scanner)  THANK YOU! 

 Thank you so much for sharing the simple solution that Canon could / would not!  Your solution was a real time saver for me!!

New Contributor
Thank you so much for your help!!!

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press save/forward