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MX922 scanner problem message: set the pc to start scanning

New Contributor

I am trying to scan using my MX922 printer.  I am getting a message: "set the pc to start scanning." Can't find what this means.


New Contributor

Thanks, this worked perfectly for me! I had the exact same issue, running Win7, and this fixxed it.

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Oceans of thanks Varice.


After more than one year of working operating panel, I got a "set your PC" message all of a sudden. I checked and found out that the PIXMA was detecting my laptop (with its specific name) and able to communicate with it (receiving the scan orders and delivering the scanned PDF) on wireless. I tried to search my LAN again to detect the error and suddenly the printer did not detect my laptop any longer while kept communicating with it !!


I followed your steps. The only things I needed to do after that were:

1. Restarting the printer, and

2. Checking my laptop was detected (with Save/forward button): it was there once more!

3. The operating panel backed to work again.


It is frustrating that Canon could not address the issue properly and sticked to its nonsense solutions (asking to read the instructions, repeating the very obvious instructions etc). They apparently do not listen to people. Many thanks for your wonderful solution, buddy.

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I'm glad it helped! If you haven't already, you can note the post that helped with a Kudos. It helps to zero in on solutions that have worked for others.

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Hey, Varice...

This makes absolutely no sense. BUT IT WORKED!


I see that you encountered this 15 months ago.


I just did the same thing and it worked for me using the canon utility. Hope it continues to work from the printer panel!


New Contributor

I have Windows 8 and I am attemping to scan a doccument to my pc via USB printer cable.  However, I am recieving the following error: " Cannot properly communicate wiht the scanner. Make sure the scanner is turned on, connected, set to scan, and no error codes occured in the scanner. " 


The printer is on, set to scan, and everything appears to be connected properly.  What else can I do?

Respected Contributor

Hi abreh622,


You can try temporarily disabling any antivirus, firewall or spyware programs that you may have on your computer and then try scanning again.  If you still experience difficulty, please call or email us using one of the methods on the Contact Us page for further assistance.

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on the printer panel, part of the scan setup is to select the PC to which the file is to be sent.  This may be your problem. I'm over 1000 miles from my printer, so chan't check any further now.  Not sure if all available systems show up or if you need to name each one to be used. 

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I am having this problem all of a sudden too, and I have a time-sensitive document to scan. I am running windows 10.

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Go to your PC, go to the Start menu, go to the "Canon Utilities" folder, open the "IJ Network Scanner Selector EX" folder, open the application under there of the same name. You should see your "MX920 Series" printer listed, with a MAC address listed below that (a series of numbers and letters in sets of 2 separated by colons). Select the "Scan from Operation Panel Settings" button at the bottom. A similar screen will pop up. Don't do anything - just click "OK" on that screen, which will take you back to the first screen. Press "OK" on that screen and the utility closes. Go to your printer, press scan. Should now work normally. I have no idea why this works, and I have to do it every 3rd or 4th time I use the scanner now, but it works.