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Having Trouble Scanning Multiple Pages

New Contributor

About 2 months ago I bought a Canon TR 4520 AiO Printer to use mainly for scanning documents since my HP 3630 stopped working and the relationship I am having with the Canon printer has been a trying one at best.  The manual and user guide are a nightmare, written very obtusely and all but impossible to make any sense of at all.


I scan a lot of documents, in fact every document I get is scanned.  Probably 95% of the scanning I do is done on the flat bed and not through the document feeder due to the fact that most of the documents I get are 2 sided.  Setting this printer up to manually scan documents were it asked my on the display screen if I have additional pages is a mess and a horrible nightmare due to the poor way the scanner on-screen control panel works.  Every time I have to do a scan I have to use the onboard control panel to teach the printer how to scan manually and 90% of the time it doesn't work and I have to start all over again which is very frustrating.and a completely unnecessary nightmare.


I need for someone to provide me with the steps needed to set this printer up to scan documents manually where the printer asks me on the display screen if I have more pages to scan Yes - No?


Please DO NOT reply and post some link pointing me to some web site or wiki, I have looked at all of those and they are useless.  They do not give me the information I need and are a complete and total waste of my time.  Here are my system specs:


Canon TR 4520 AiO Printer.

Printer is connected wirelessly via home WiFi to computer.

Dell Optiplex 9020 Printer w/ 32 Gigs of DDR 3 RAM; 250 Gig SSD.

Windows 10 Pro with ALL service packs and updates installed.


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi. I see that you need to set up your scanner so that it will ask you if there are more pages to scan. You also mention that you are scanning documents. I assume that you would like to save them as PDF files.


The key to doing what you want to do is selecting PDF or Compact PDF as the data format. You also need to load the document directly on the glass. If you choose a different data format or if you load the document in the feeder, the printer will not ask you if you want to continue scanning. It will just send the scanned data directly to the computer.


Here are the steps you should take to ensure that the printer asks if you want to continue scanning:

  1. Press the SCAN button on the printer (this button is located directly above the number 1 button).
  2. If you see "Scan Menu" at the top of the screen, skip to step 4.
  3. If you see the word "Scan" without "Menu" on the screen, press the MENU button (located directly below the word Menu).
  4. Press OK to select "Save to"
  5. Use the arrow buttons (triangles that point left or right) to find your computer. If your computer is connected with a USB cable, select Local (USB).
  6. Press OK to select DOCUMENT TYPE.
  7. Use the right arrow button (triangle that points right) to find the word Document, and then press OK.
  8. Press OK to select SCAN SIZE.
  9. Use the left arrow button (triangle that points left) to find the word Letter, and then press OK.
  10. Press OK to select DATA FORMAT.
  11. Use the arrow buttons (triangles that point left or right) to find the letters PDF, and then press OK.
  12. Press OK to select SCAN RESOLUTION.
  13. Use the arrow buttons to find "300dpi", and then press OK.
  14. Press OK to select ADF ORIENTATION.
  15. Use the left arrow button to find the word Portrait, and then press OK.
  16. Press OK to select REDUCE SHOW-THRU.
  17. Use the left arrow button to find the word OFF, and then press OK.
  18. Press OK to select Descreen.
  19. Use the left arrow button to find the word OFF, and then press OK.
  20. Press OK to select UNSHARP MASK.
  21. Use the right arrow button to find the word ON, and then press OK.
  22. Load the document that you want to scan on the glass.
  23. Press the BLACK or COLOR Start button to begin scanning the first page.
  24. When the printer has finished scanning the first page, it will ask if you want to continue scanning. Load the next page and then use the arrow buttons to select YES. Then, press OK.
  25. When you are done scanning, use the arrow buttons to select NO, and then press the OK button.

For more information on scanning from the printer's operation panel, please go here: 


I hope this information helps. Thank you for choosing Canon.