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Canon Selphy CP1200 not working

New Contributor
I have just turned on my printer and I can’t seem to get past the beginning screen. It’s a black screen with canon written in white and none of the buttons are working. I can’t even turn it off, all I can do it unplug it. Any ideas?

New Contributor
Mine did this after I opened the box. Never used it. 😒



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Occasional Contributor
got the same issue and I"m doing just that via email And I don't want a phone call. A chat system works. Just easier to read to me than hear. I don't think I've run this since before the April 2018 Windows 10 update which is causing all sorts of problems and it was installed before that. Windows won't fix any of the errors naturally 😞 So Black screen it is. No battery in, took all the addons off, no power plugged in no paper tray , even took the ribbon out. but still Canon only 😞

New Contributor
Where you able to get this working it returned and/or exchanged?

New Contributor


If your using Windows 10 OS go on to Control Panel/Devices & Pinters and make sure youe Selphy is not listed.If it is Delete it.

With Selphy switched off but connected via USB use your browser to navigate to :-

"Support/Mobile & Compact Printer/SELPHY CP 1300/Canon USA"

 Select Drivers & Downloads

Select Selphy CP 1300 Printer Driver V1.0 for Windows------07/19/17-------4.49Mb

Follow instructions thereafter.



Occasional Contributor

it's not a driver issue.  Canon kinda ruled that out.  Not a firmware issue either.  I came to the conclusion that I was wondering who here uses the printer with the battery?  The battery blocks the ventalation fan.  There is a rather large capacitor near that fan.  So if the fan is blocked 1 . fan motor gets hot 2. so does everything else on a thermal printer.  So for now I'm not gonna use the battery unless it's 1 single photo


They thought it might be it but couldn't tell me till they took it apart and it was barely used to begin with.  maybe 3 packs total.  Never heard back from them on that but they did go way outside the boundry of jaw drop and a bit out of warranty sent me a new CP1300 model.  Possibly with a new warranty..Which is what it said on the sheet inside about it being a new replacement with all the benefits of a new item.  And I've been using Canon since my very first bubble jet printer in 1996.  So I gave them quite a wide space.  But i'm giving the battery a break and see if it's really the fan being blocked thats bricking these units.  Because that battery hasn't changed for several models and that same battery works on well dads CP900  and it's had this issue for awhile.  So I"m wondering if it's overheating.  Overheating can brick a device (like it did sort of with my phone.  It locked up and lost alot of info but still ran, all because it was inside a rubber fully covered otter box.  You don't do that with an almost all metal phone like HTC.  Overheating anything like a car bad things happen.

New Contributor

Just had the same problem.  Bought my Selphy 1200 in August 2016, have printed about 200 photos.  Last month it was working fine.  Last week it froze on the CANON logo screen.  Tried all the suggested fixes, nothing worked.  Out of warranty.


Very disappointed in such a poor product from Canon, especially since a lot of people are having the same problem.


Canon Products Owned:  G1, SD 940, G15, G15,D60, 40D, 5d MKIII, fifteen Canon Lens, five of them "L", four Canon Flashes, IP6700D, MP560, 9000 Series, Pro 100, 15x50 IS Binoculars, 10x30 IS Binoculars, and a lot of accessories.


The only reason I listed all the gear is to let Canon know that even long term customers start to get nervous when a poor product like the Selphy is sold.  It makes the customer wonder about quality control issues.


William Schroeder





Occasional Contributor

that is pretty much what I told Canon.  I buy Canon because it equals hard core Quality.  I say the name Selphy now?  People grimace  😞  Why is that?     Up until they sent me a new one after warranty and it's a CP1300  so Now Dad has an old CP900 which tends to waste ribbon.  But it still works.  He got that ages ago maybe 2013 or so or earlier with he jammed his 10 yr old Refurbished for $20 Olympus Camedia P-10  so good it couldn't be repaired.  Way easier to repair those than the canon as far as jams.  Just required me to unscrew and take the back off.  and long tweezers.  This one requires LONG narrow screwdrivers that I don't have.  But more and more gizmo's do.   So on that and that I Valued Canon quality above all else and I would continue to come back to Canon I really wanted to be nice to the customer service via email on the other line.  In the End they were more than nice and offered a new printer with a new 1 year warranty on it.  So far I haven't had any issues as long as I don't use that battery.  Battery blocks the fan.  No circulation things get hot.  When things get hot ,, well the hard drive will issue a warning on SMART that 140 degrees or hotter  on a hard drive is going to eventually kill a hard drive.  So since I got the new one I print 1-2 photos and take a break.  Still though, the P-10 had a way bigger fan.   It actually still works.  Olympus for whatever reason discontinued the pack.  Which would be fine with me if they had a similar NEW product.  They didn't replace it with anything so why would they cut off revenue ?  I guess thats a thing of late Fuji's doing that with certain popular Film products. (real film, I do both real and digital.) (Yeah is Digital real.  nah.  like Kindle vs Real books. 😛 ) Good to have a backup though.  Once they found out I was able to buy a used CP1200 for $20 and it worked great, the $120 repair bill went to $0 (thats more than what I paid for it) So one can pull that if they want.  Go on ebay look for a new one or used one that runs great for $20 instead of buying a new one at $90 +  They need me to keep buying their paper ribbon packs so Now I have a printer with everything included because I was just supposed to send the broken part in.  the $20 item was missing the paper holder.  Done.  Mom uses that one.  

New Contributor
Please tell me how to fix this problem! My printer is barely used and none of the buttons are responding. Very disappointing.

New Contributor
I had the same problem, tried to open my selphy cp1200 after some months of its last use and after pressing the power on button it froze to the initial canon screen. Searched around the internet and found how to reset the printer and i decided to try it. So in order to reset it, you unplug it (if you use the battery i suppose you must remove it from the printer), then you press 5 times the power button (give it 1 or 2 seconds pressed and 1-2 seconds between the 5 times pressing it), then wait for 2 minutes. Then plug it to the power and press power on. Mine worked fine after that (at least for that time, don't know how it will respond the next time, hope it goes well!). I hope this will help!