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Canon MX490 is in an error state

New Contributor

Ever since we had a power outage, I have been unable to print anything. I always get the above message. I have uninstalled the entire thing and reinstalled... and am still getting the same message. 


This is the first Canon printer I have owned... and possibly the last! Yes, I'm frustrated.


Any help at all would be welcome.


Thank you.


New Contributor

I seem to have the same problem. My printer satus says ' this printer is performing another operation' I NEED HELP PLEASE. Thank you kindly, Freda

New Contributor

I would appreciate a solution to the above situation. This is the last time i will accept a Canon printer (my husband bought).


If there is no interest in helping users, then WHY do you have this forum - just to let people vent?




Hi debora711!


Welcome to the Canon Community, and thanks for your post!


If you've tried the online troubleshooting on THIS PAGE and you're still having problems, we recommend reaching out to support, as these forums are intended for peer (community) support, rather than official support from Canon USA.


Our US-based support can be reached by calling 1-800-OK-CANON (800-652-2666) weekdays from 10am to 10pm (ET). Support at Canon USA is always free. 

New Contributor


Since our power was off a couple of hours  my computer and my iphone does not connect to my printer


It is a pixma mx490 which i purchased after christmas.  It will scan and  print directly on the printer.