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Photo editing software recommendations


On another thread, it was mentioned about editing photos. My T7 and File Explorer allow some editing but would like to expand the capabilities. Did the usual search and came up with a list from the XX Best Free Editing Software. GIMP was mentioned a few times as the recommended software. Anyone use this? Seemed simple to use and free. Thanks.


@Tintype_18 wrote:

As mentioned, I downloaded the DPP4 software off the Canon support. Downloaded the manual which is 194 pages. Seems to be overwhelming and don't know if I want to take the time to read it. Seems by the time I edit some photos for a publication, my time "cost" would be below the old minimum wage. Any suggestions?

I've been using DPP for a very long time and I have only read a few pages of the manual, usually when a new feature is added or I just don't understand exactly what a portion or function does. In fact, I spend 90% of my editing time in two panels: "Basic Image Adjustment" and "Adjust Image Colors" (see attached). There are so few options, that it takes very little time to experiment with the sliders to see what effect they have on your Raw image. Frankly, if you have trouble with DPP you will be very overwhelmed with PSE, PS, LR, and especially GIMP. I've used them all over the past 30 years for graphics and photography work, yes, I still sell and publish a slect few (I'm retired). DPP is the most basic of them all, yet I find it's all I need, maybe because I get a good jump by taking the best image I can to begin with.


Basic Adjustment Panel.

DPP 4 Basic Adjustment-1.jpg


Color Adjustment.

DPP 4 Adjust Image Colors-1.jpg


There are other useful tools in this program, but these are basically where I live.



I agree with Florida Drafter that DPP is very simple to use once you just jump into it.  Most of the time you will just be using it as your basic RAW editor for cropping, adjusting white balance, exposure, and setting desired levels of noise reduction all done easily with point and click or moving sliders and everything is clearly labeled.  Making changes to contrast, saturation, shadow, and highlight gain are equally simple. 


My typical workflow, and I often have a very large number of images from 2 or three camera bodies after a sports event, is to dump them all to a directory on my PC and apply a simple recipe to them as a group which applies a picture style along with settings for white balance, contrast and sharpness and then I do a quick run through cropping the ones that have good possibility and selecting some of those for further minor adjustment. 


DPP isn't as capable as the Adobe suite for major editing but it does a wonderful job of RAW conversion and it allows me to do all of the editing I need for a majority of images very quickly and easily.  And it is extremely simple to use once you spend a short amount of time with it.


I guess you could say it has a steep learning curve but it is an extremely short learning curve and after you spend 30 minutes with a few images you will feel comfortable with it.  The DPP documentation is like much documentation these days in providing a place to look for answers to questions that arise (although google is faster and easier) but it isn't really a good how to get started guide.  That is best done by just diving in.


I have been using DPP since I bought a 1D2  back in 2005 and I still rely upon it.



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"I’m not aware of any camera settings that DPP ignores in the default state."


DPP4 retains the camera settings in it's previews, LR uses Adobe's default settings. And the camera settings do affect these defults. DPP4 and LR work in different ways from each other. DPP4 being Canon's own propritary software can precisely match the in camera jpg settings and processing. This makes the default previews from DPP4 identical to the in camera jpg conversion. It does not affect the Raw file. It reaims unaltered. In this sense both are exactly the same. Canon is able to address the Raw data diferently than Adobe can. But in the end there is really no difference. The Raw file is unaltered even by in camera settings. A Raw file captures all image data recorded by the sensor when you take a photo that's all. The sensor has no user adjustable settings. The camera has adjustable file saving settings but these are not part of the Raw file.

If DPP4 and/or Lightroom, etc. didn't have or know those settings, it would be more difficult to produce a viewable image.  It could/can be done but not the best way to get to a logical starting point. 

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GIMP is definitely a popular choice for photo editing, and it's great that you're considering free options. However, if you're looking for a more straightforward solution, have you tried It's an online tool that can quickly remove unwanted objects and improve your photos without the need for complex software. It might be a great alternative for you if you're just looking for a simple way to enhance your photos. Give it a try, you might be surprised at how effective it is!


If you are going for free and a Canon owner the best and only answer is DPP4. Keeping the object of free in mind, DPP4 is the only software that knows how a Canon digital camera exactly processes it images. Matter of fact DPP4 free or not is still the only editor that knows exactly how Canon digital cameras processes its images.

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and several lenses!
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