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How can I transfer full size videos using Canon Camera Connect?


In January, 2018, I bought a Canon G7X mark II. I noticed that every time I transfer video files from G7X to my Android smartfone or my IPad, using Canon Camera Connect, the video is cropped. Every time.


I set my camera to not resize, but it works only for pictures, not for videos. To get the full videos I am obligated to connect my camera to my computer. But I wish that my small devices receive the full size videos.


I did not find any option for resizing in Camera Connect, only in the G7X.


Those portable devices are so powerful these days, so I would like to use the full size videos in my phone and IPad, not the cropped ones.


Can you help, please.


Thanks in advance.


Eduardo Medeiros



Pixel based display downscaling is a must from 1080 to 720 in 1:1 ratio display but can not tell the difference so as to saving space, smooth playback, and fit for mobile display.

The interface between two ends must be in harmony or else you can make your own way.

The member of this  forum are volunteers, mostly do not know software design but can give useful opinion to those who needs info and do not need in return.


I only use my ipad or iphone to download picture and video, and then it sync in icloud.
I have no PC.
So i want to download ORIGINAL version of the files
Please, add an option to do that, current setting is a complete nonsense!!

@Remicanon wrote:
I only use my ipad or iphone to download picture and video, and then it sync in icloud.
I have no PC.
So i want to download ORIGINAL version of the files
Please, add an option to do that, current setting is a complete nonsense!!

Buy a PC and a USB cable, and use it to upload to iPhoto Cloud.  Have you considered how long it would take to wirelessly transfer a video file?  It would probably take at least as long as the length of the video clip itself. 


These limitations are imposed by the Apple OS.  Photos cannot access the memory allocated to “Files”.  However, it is my understanding that the most recent Apple updates may allow for “Files” to be used as direct storage for media files. .

"The right mouse button is your friend."

Your message about transferring fullsize videos without the infuriating cropping is over a year old so you've probably gotten over being frustrated with pointless restrictions and Canon forum admin stonewalling... BUT I was looking for a solution to the same problem, came to this thread, read your question and your patient follow-ups trying (and failing) to get through to useful info. I FEEL YOUR PAIN with the irrelevant 'answers'.


I'll never be buying a Canon product again.


If I find a solution to this video cropping baloney I'll post it onto this thread, on the off chance people are still looking for a way through. These Canons are not cheap, the hardware is decent, so it's beyond annoying when brainless unnecessary limits make obstacles where none need exist.


Happy holidays!

Hi mertonfuton.  I just got myself a Canon G7X Mark II today, and found this post also looking for a solution to the same problem.  I fired up Cannon Camera Connect and firstly I found it frustrating that I had to connect to my camera's WiFi Access Point each time I wanted to connect and trasfer images.  Then I discovered all my videos were being downscaled to 720p, and my images downscaled to 2400 x 1600.  I even changed the camera WiFi setting to Image Resizing = NO (instead of "S2"?), but that made no difference.


My solution was to instead use the free "Canon iMAGE Gateway" service.  Once you register for this and update the camera WiFi service settings (to now have the iMAGE Gateway icon etc.), trasfering the original image & video files is now very easy!


I also installed the Canon iMAGE Gateway App on my iPad, which then receives the ORIGINAL images, and allows me to do a one-click download for them to be added to my iCloud photos to share with all my Apple devices (including the Mac destop).


I also added the ImageTransferUtility to my Mac, but that seems to be unecessary / a duplication, with the iPad / iPhone App pulling the original files into my Apple environment!


However, I also have a Windows 10 PC, and I noted the ImageTransferUtility can only be associated with one computer at a time. So, I just switched this over to teh WIndows PC.  Now I have my original files easily WiFi synced to both my Apple iCloud, and to my Wndows PC!  Nice. 🙂


The only issue I've found with the ImageTransferUtility (so far), is that it would not trabsfer / sync the image files in RAW format. It will only do the JPEG files.  But I'm not overly concerned as the full sized JPEG format images are fine for my needs.


The other benefot of the ORIGINAL camera files being transferred (not resized), is that all the camera meta data is retained, and is also transferred into my Apple Photo library.  I'd noted this meta data was being lost when the images were bing resized by Canon Camera Connect!  So this problem is solved as well! 🙂


PS. I think your bold font statement of "never buying a Canon product again", is a little excessive!

Personally, I have always liked Canon cameras.  This time around I bought the Powershot G7X Mark II as right now it is an exceptional value quality camera, while prices are being drastically reduced following the release of the Mark III model.

Getting the very well respected G7X Mark II model, reduced to a little over half the price of the new Mark III, was my bargain of the century! I only really need 1080p video, and I can live without an external mic socket! 🙂 

I'm not sure why you want to make things up. All phones (especially now in 2020, but I know mine since probably 2015 ) are quite capable of handling 1080p videos. Clearly the app is triggering a "converting movie" process that reduces the video. It is quite frustrating that you have Canon not thinking ahead that people might want to put up with a full transfer and the time it takes. (The same goes for RAW images which my phone is easily able to handle)

Replying from the future (2024) - why couldn't Canon think the future either see improvements - isn't predicting the future and anticipating advancements part of Canon DNA? I don't need the camera to make silly decisions about what storage I can cope with - either when the camera was new or now!

So, it’s 2021 and all I want to do is transfer my 1080p videos to my iPhone12 in 1080p quality. Not possible. For real?

If I use any of the image transfer methods with the app, the video is downgraded to 720p. The amount of time I’ve wasted trying to do something this simple is ludicrous. This thread is the only relevant search result for the problem.

The only solution posted here that might work is no longer available. The cannon service was shut down and replaced by image.cannon. I tried using image.cannon but it only transfers photos. I have hours of video that I need on my phone and in 1080p.

Telling us to buy a PC is not the solution. And even with a PC, trying to transfer video from PC to IPhone is just as much of a headache.

Why is the transfer app still downgrading video quality???? The iPhone is 1080p so the reason of it being a phone is absurd. Also the iPhone isn’t the end media, it’s just the tool I use to post my videos so people can view them on other 1080p devices. Ugh!!!

I believe it is a bandwidth issue.


Anyway, have you tried one of these?


The usb to camera adapter didn't work. But an Iphone sd card reader works really good. But it still does 720p. My understanding now, is that the camera saves a 720p MOV version and that's what is getting transferred.


If I use a SD card reader on a PC, the file size is 250MB 1080p. If I use the SD card reader on an iPhone, the same video file size is 49MB 720P before I even transfer it over.


  Is there no way to access the raw 1080p mp4 version and convert it to 1080p MOV? (Without using the PC)