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Editing CR3 images in Linux

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It seems like Canon has neither provided a codec to read the CR3 format, nor released DPP4 for Linux. I am stuck with a 90D and raw images I can't edit. Help?


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RawTherapee, ART and darktable.

Exif viewer will not work with CR3 in RawTherapee. Download Nightly.

ART (Another RawTherapee) works with CR3 . You will need to point ExifTool in its settings for CR3 exif reading. Read more at Bitbucket.

Build darktable yourself with CR3 support or use Arch Linux. may be a better place to discuss FOSS.

Thanks a lot for this extensive reply. ART ended up being exactly what I was looking for, I didn't know about it - I was still waiting for the metadata info to be implemented in RawTherapee.


That being said, I'm still really dumbfounded by Canon's complete negligence of software developers, why not simply release the codec likeit was done for .CR2? Luckily the fine community here was able to help me out, thanks again!

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I don't think they have ever released the .cr2 codec, I believe it was reverse engineered. In any case, you need to change things on a camera to camera basis

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CR2 = Tiff and was easy to decode.


There are still things missing like how to read all Exif tags. How to match Exif serial nr with physical serial nr? Is Canon embedding lens correcion data in Exif just like Sony and Fujifilm?

Hi again, it seems like the color profile in ART is a bit off... I seem to be missing some reds. See image below.


Top is the JPEG produced from the camera, bottom is a JPEG produced from the raw file opened in ART, with the "auto-matched curve" profile. I know that raw images are not supposed to look the same as JPEGs but my problem is that it really seems like I'm missing colors. I don't think I would be able to reproduce the image on the left fromt he RAW through ART. I tried RawTherapee too, and the problem is even worse.


What is the cause of this, and can it be fixed?




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I'm pretty sure Aftershot Pro 3 has a version for Linux. I'm not sure what flavours, but it should say on the page. It's based on Bibble, if you've been on Linux a while, you may have heard of it. I run it from time to time in Windows 10 to open CR2 and CR3 files and it does a good job. I'm pretty sure you can run a lot of popular plug-ins, if you use them. It has profiles for quite a few cameras, including the R series, you just have to load them from within the program. You can download a trial version.

**EDIT** I just checked and it has a profile for the 90D.

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Seems you got an answer at already to try a dcp file.