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EOS Utility 3 and MacBook Pro Fan Noise

Occasional Contributor

I use my M50 to record content through EOS Utility 3 (Version 3.13.30 ( on my Mac (Big Sur 11.4 (20F71)) but the minute I start to do this the fan goes crazy consuming about 90% of the processor (as identified through Activity Monitor).


This renders most recordings useless due to the fan noise.


Is there anything I can do to reduce the fan noise? This seems like an issue with Canon software as no other software causes this issue


Okay. Long looking cable, though

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Occasional Contributor

Really - and would this affect the computer so require the fan to go crazy?

As a minimum you could plug your camera into one of their computers and see what happens. Right now you have one equation and two unknowns.
John Hoffman
Conway, NH

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