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EOS Rebel T7 No files found via card reader


I have a coming rebel T7 and bought a card reader to download pictures into my Chromebook. I am not good at this and need a step by step on what to do. When I put my card reader into my Chromebook it shows this

Files - Now


   Explore the devices content in the files app fir device preferences. go to settings

open in files.       Open settings 





Well, judging from the message you showed, it looks like your Chromebook recognized that a revoveable device was detected. That's a good first step.

It didn't show any files of course, because you don't have a memory card yet to insert into the little slot in the card reader.

When you get your camera, you will probably have to go to a store and buy a memory card (unless one comes with the camera - most don't, I think).

At first, you probably want to stick with a 32 or 64 Gb SD card. Make sure it's a full-sized card and not a mini SD card with an adapter.

When you get your card, you will need to put it in your camera and format it. Your manual will tell you how to do this.

Once you have your card formatted, you are ready to take some pictures. They will be stored on your card. You take the card out and insert into your new card reader.

Do you know how to find files on your Chromebook?

I don't have one, but there are plenty of videos on the Internet on How to Find Files on Your Chromebook.

Maybe other members of the Forum who have a Chomebook can tell you how to locate the card reader in the file structure.

Another option would be to download an image viewing app for your Chromebook from wherever you normally get your apps. It will ask you where you want to get your pictures from, and you tell it to get the pictures from your new card reader. 

Steve Thomas

I will try this out and hopefully it will work. Thank you very much 

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