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Digital Photo Professional s/w extremely slow

New Contributor

I have DPP version, and use two cameras, an 80D and a 5DSr, both currently set to shoot in RAW.  I use DPP to rate and edit the raw files, before finishing editing them in Photoshop.  However DPP is running extremely slow - usually it works OK for a few minutes and then I get the blue circle, going on and off at 2 second intervals and it is driving me nuts. 


My PC is an Intel i7-7700 with 16 Gb RAM, and an SSD hard drive, with a separate HDD 4Tb drive that I use for storing photos on.  64bit Windows 10 Nvidia GE Force GTX 950 display adaptor.   However I've had the same problem on two different laptops with different specs.


I've seen comments on other forums that it is something to do with the software routinely searching other directories, and I do have two years worth of photos in date directories in the HDD - but as I said, the same thing happens with the laptops and I don't have thousands of photos on them.


I've just come back from a trip to NZ and am trying to rate photos out of the 4,000 I took, just pick out the best ones, not trying to do any processing or work on any individual file.  I've previously used the software with a 70D, a 6D and the 5DSr with no problem, and it seems to have no problem transferring files from the 80D and the 5D into the same directory.  


Does anybody have any idea why this is happening?   There are very few options I can edit in the software and under the Tools/Preferences tab I have selected 32Gb, the maximum available on disk for temporary files, and also selected the option to use the graphics processor for image editing, and I can't see what else there is to mess about with.


Any help much appreciated!


"He didn't ask for other software options."


Perhaps not but it is a natural process for us to offer what is working for us opposed to DPP.  I think we all agree, that is something right there, that DPP needs some work on Canon's end.

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