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Cinema RAW Development "These clips cannot be copied" error


In the Canon Cinema RAW Development software if I select a clip and click the 'Add to Export Queue' button or right-click on a clip and click 'Add to Export Queue' from the context menu, I get the error 'These clips cannot be copied'

Screenshot 2024-05-26 at 10.09.15.png









The Cinema RAW Development Reference says:

These clips cannot be copied.

The clips listed cannot be copied. This option may not be available, depending on the camera used to record the RAW clip.

Which isn't very helpful, I assume the software is compatible with the R5 for exporting RAW video? Or is it only for use in previewing the clips?

The clip is on SMB network storage and I also set the export location to there if that makes any difference. I am using the Mac version of the software. Would be nice to get a more detailed error message that actually says what the problem is.



Figured it out, it was because I had checked 'Copy RAW Files' in the Export Configuration. After unchecking that, export worked okay. Not sure why the error message couldn't just have said that was the problem?



Thanks for sharing this.  I don't have my MAC set up for video editing as it is a laptop.  

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