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Camera Connect App User Guide


Where is the User Guide for the Camera Connect App? Also, why doesn't his app transfer images with the location information?


That being said, I have successfully installed and used the app with my G7X. My informal User Guide for using this app is as follows. Any suggested "improvements" to this guide would be appreciated.


Getting Started and 1st Time Connecting

  1. Install the "Canon Camera Connect" app on your smartphone.
  2. On your camera in the "Change Camera Settings" Menu, select "Wi-Fi Settings"
  • Select "Reset Settings" to set the Wi-Fi settings to the default. (I suggest this just to make sure all settings are cleared).
  • Turn Password to "On" (if desired).
  • Select "Change Device Nickname" and enter a name for your camera, i.e., “My Camera”.
  • Exit Camera Settings menu.
  1. Close the Camera Connect app if it is still open on your smartphone.
  2. Press the "Mobile Device Connect" button on camera.
  3. Register a designation for one-touch connection by selecting smartphone symbol.
  4. On your smartphone, go to Wi-Fi settings and select the Canon Wi-Fi SSID hotspot from list.
  5. Using the password displayed on the camera, enter the password on your phone's Wi-Fi setting (if password is turned on in item 2 above).
  6. Be patient waiting for camera/phone to make a Wi-Fi connection.
  7. Once connected, launch Camera Connect app on your smartphone. Note:Things seem to work best if you launch the app after you have connected to the camera Wi-Fi.
  8. Select your device on the camera,i.e., "iPhone" in my case.
  9. If everything is connected properly, the smartphone app should show your camera's name at the bottom of the app screen (Success!). Note: if you press the ON/OFF button on your camera, the connection will be lost. Now you should now only work within the phone app.After you have completed the Getting Started steps above, in the future you only need to do the following steps to use Camera Connect.
Connecting to Camera
  1. Close Canon Camera Connect app if it is still open on your smartphone.
  2. Press "Mobile Device Connect" button on camera.
  3. Using your smartphone, go to Wi-Fi settings and select the Canon Wi-Fi SSID hotspot.
  4. Once connected, launch Camera Connect app on your smartphone. Note: It seems that things work best when you launch the app after you have connected to camera Wi-Fi.
  5. The camera/phone should automatically connect.Camera Connect has three button options, “Images on camera”, “Remote Shooting”, and “Location information”.Images on camera
  6. Use this selection to transfer images from the camera to your phone.
Using the Camera Connect App
  1. Connect the camera to your phone and launch Camera Connect app.
  2. Select “Images on camera” button on the app.
  3. Camera images will be displayed on the phone. Note: If you have added location information to photos, a small satellite symbol will be displayed in the top left corner of each photo that has gps data attached.
  4. Select a photo you wish to transfer and then hit phone symbol on the bottom of the screen to transfer image. Note: I haven't yet figured out how to transfer several images a once.
  5. When transferring photos via this option in Camera Connect, location information is not transferred (see comments below in "Location information" section.Remote Shooting
  6. Use this selection to remotely operate the camera with your phone.
Remote Shooting 
  1. Connect the camera to your phone and launch Camera Connect app.
  2. Select “Remote Shooting” button on the app.
  3. The camera lens will automatically come out and a live image will be displayed on the phone.
  4. You can zoom in/out and trigger the shutter via your Camera Connect app.
  5. When operating via Remote Shooting, the camera only works in “P” mode.
  6. Movie recording is not possible in Remote Shooting.Location information
  7. Use this selection to add the location information to images on the camera. The process involves first telling your phone to start logging locations, by date and time, and then later adding this location information to images with matching dates and time. For this feature to work, the camera needs to have the same date and time as your phone (Use camera Settings to change the date and time on your camera). There are two choices within the Location Information:
  • Begin (End) Logging: Select this button to start or stop you camera from logging location information. You need to start the logging prior to taking photos that you wish to tag with location information. Note that you do not need to have the camera connected for this step and the logging will continue even when the Camera Connect app is closed. Also note that phone logging will increase the battery usage on your phone. After you have taken your photos with your camera, select End Logging to stop phone logging.
  • Send Location Information: Connect the camera to your phone (Make sure you have already closed the app on your phone before starting the connect steps) and select this button to add location information to images taken on the camera while your phone was set to location logging. After you have done this, you can go to “Images on the Camera” button to review the images – Those with location information will have a small satellite symbol displayed on the top left of the screen. Note that all photos transferred with the “Images on the Camera” transfer function will not transfer the logging information. You need to transfer the images directly off the SD Card via an SD card camera reader cable to your phone or to your computer in order to transfer the images with location information. (Hopefully Canon will change this limitation some day)
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Thank you npsit! This is a very imformative post.


The thing I'm wondering about, which would be awesome to list here once discoverd, is how the location log / location information actually work.  


Is there only ONE log? e.g If I start logging on my phone, take some pictures in one area then stop the logging.  Then I move to a new location start the logging on my phone, take some pictures and stop the logging. Would the app know about both location logs i took? If i were to try and push the location info would it know about both logs and correctly update both groups of photos? This is pretty important for me because when im going out i won't be anywhere near wifi and my camera (powershot s120) dosen't have NFC.  It's not realistic for someone to begin logging in the morning and then end it at night, constantly polling GPS has to kill the battery life very quickly.



I'm also wondering if anyone knows exactly how it's tagging the photos. From what i've seen from other apps (iphone only 😞 ) they log the location and time then it would match the time from the GPS log and the photo and push the correct location info into the picture.  I think this is how they are doing it but i'm not completely sure, if anyone knows this let me know! 




It is important, when using the logging feature, to have the time set correctly on your camera because Camera Connect matches your phone logged time to each photo to establish the gps location of the photo. Keep in mind, when traveling to a different time zone, your phone's time will be automatically changed to the new time zone and you will need to manually change the time on your camera to the new zone.


When you start logging on the phone app (Camera Connect), time-stamped gps data is stored on your phone. You can start/stop logging multiple times and the "logged" data is retained on the phone (No "un-logged" data is stored). That means you can turn logging on while you take some photos, turn it off for a while to save your phone battery, and then turn loggong on again later to take more photos. When you then send location information to your camera via the app, gps data will be added to all your photos taken while the logging was in effect. It is unclear if the logging buffer is cleared when you send the location info (I hope so) or if the buffer justs keeps collecting data.


After I get my camera connected with my iPhone app, the Location Information menu does not show up. What do I need to do to make it show up? I must miss something somewhere?

Hi seandx!

Welcome to the Canon Forums and thanks for your post!

Which camera model are you using?

My camera is a SX720HS and I am trying to connect to a Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 (Android OS).


I have downloaded and installed the Canon Camera Connect software on the tablet but it does not appear as an App on the App screen. So I tried again to download and install, but then it says it is already installed.


I admit this may be a Samsung problem, not a Canon problem, but I hope someone can help.

Hi TeddyBare,


Thanks for taking the time to post.


To allow us to better assist you, please reply with the version of Andoid you're using?

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Once you have connected your iPhone to the camera, launch CameraConnect. Then select Location Information -> Begin Logging to start collecting logging info on your phone. You can now disconnect the iPhone/camera connection (It will automatically disconnect when you turn you camera on to take photos). When you are done done taking photos then reconnect to your iPhone & launch CameraConnect again and in Location Information select Send Logging Information to insert the gps information on each photo taken while logging. If you select Images on Camera in CameraConnect, all photos with the gps data will have a small satellite icon in the top left of the images shown. Note that if you use CameraConnect to transfer the images to your iPhone, the gps data is not transferred (Come Canon, this should transfer gps data). You have to transfer the images off the SD card to get the gps data to your iPhone, tablet or PC.

Thank you for your quick response, npsit.

My problem is that The Camera Connect app does not show Location Information on its UI even after the app is connected to my EOS 70D camera. What do I need to do in order to make Location Information on the UI available for me to select?



When I launch CameraConnect (version the home screen shows three button options, I.e. "Images on camera", "Remote shooting" and "Location information". I get the same home screen options whether the camera is connected or not.


If you are not getting these three options, try resetting your iPhone and/or deleting and reinstalling the CC app.

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