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Automatically Upload Photos from EOS Rebel T7


Hello there! I recently purchased a canon rebel t7 camera, and one of the things that drew me to it was the fact that it said I was able to upload photos automatically to things like google photos. Still, I am having difficulties figuring out how. I was able to connect the google account in to auto upload, but now my difficulty is getting the photos from the camera to I am able to download the images on my phone manually but was hoping there was a way to get the images to google without having to download to my phone. Any help/info is greatly appreciated. Thank you!


Greetings ,

I think you might be able to do this with the EOS utility.

Software downloads for your camera are available here:

Are you saving your pictures and raw or JPEG?  Complete creative control. I recommend you shoot in raw file format and use DPP or another raw image editor for post-production.

Image.cannon is another possibility if your body is supported and is running compatible firmware.


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Hi Rick,

I don't see an option through the latest version of the EOS utility to upload automatically any images I take with the T7i to the service as soon as I shoot a photo while connected to my WiFi, that's what I would like to achieve at least. Instead, I have to select the service through the camera menu, then it shows some options regarding image resizing and selecting which photos I would like to upload, but again, I would prefer to skip this step and have the camera to upload every shot automatically.

One thing that I am noticing is that the WiFi icon on the touchscreen of the camera says "off" all the time, even though the WiFi setting is enabled. I don't know if this might be the issue???

Any clues??? Thanks!


I could be wrong, but I don't think image.Canon works that way.

If I' reading this right, the images must first be uploaded to the service. You can set it up to automatically download the images to a computer or cloud storage location of your choice once they get there, but the Initial upload to image.Canon is a manual process.

Steve Thomas

That makes sense given my experience so far. Thank you Steve.


Your camera requires a wired or wireless connection to a PC or the internet in order to transfer photos.  Its not a mobile device.  Several options exist.  These can be automated. 


EOS Utility

Google drive installed on the computer.  If you saved imported images to a folder sync'ed with Google Drive, they could be uploaded to google cloud for you from the PC.

If you are shooting tethered, images saved to the computer could also sync to google cloud.


Both the T7 and T7i are supported.  Here, images uploaded to can be automatically sent to Google Drive.  In this case, your captured images are uploaded to then send to google cloud for you.  shadowsports_0-1682768064875.png


shadowsports_3-1682768147887.pngshadowsports_4-1682768191779.png | Automatically download to PC

Take a look at and decide what might work best for you.  You either connect your camera to your computer or and download / upload your files.  The process is automatic, and once done the images are sent to your desired destination.  Remember to check that your camera is running the latest FW available for best results.  This adds to your cameras wi-fi menu for easy upload from the camera.  Note that transfer speed is affected by the speed of your internet connection, and images will transfer more quickly than video.  The fastest option would be a wired connection or card reader.  If you are only transferring small quantities of photos at a time its not a big deal.  If you are doing hundreds of photos and video, using wireless could be painful.  

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That's exactly my confusion. I thought there was a way to upload directly to without having to initiate the process manually, like we do with smartphones. Thanks for the clarification, Rick.

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