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EOS Rebel T2i cables and manuals needed


Hello fellow Canon family. I've just received my father's EOS Rebel T2i. I have the charger, battery, SD card. I do not have a manual or cabels to connect to my windows laptop. 

I am looking for a manual, cabel(s) to connect to laptop and anything else yall can advise/recommend. 

Thank y'all!



I recommend using a USB SD card reader to copy pictures over to your computer. Also stick with 32GB (SDHC) or smaller SD Cards. Older cameras ARE NOT COMPATIBLE with today's 64GB or larger SD Cards (SDXC). Use Full Sized SD Cards in the camera. DO NOT use a Micro SD Card in an adapter. This causes all kinds of problems. If the camera was compatible with Micro SD Cards. It would take them directly without an adapter. Canon provides electronic manuals of all of their products online. Free of charge for everyone. The manual list the type of cable needed to connect the camera to a computer. I don't know what kind of computer you have. The original cable was a Mini USB to USB Type A. Most newer computers use USB Type C. This connector has an oval shape instead of a rectangular shape that USB Type A uses. The camera end of the cord is Mini USB. The computer end could be Type A or Type C. So check which is available on your computer. Link to Camera Manual  


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Your camera has a USB Mini-B port. It came with a USB A (the computer end) - to Mini B cable, a standard widely available item.  If your computer has another type of USB port, you need that type-to-Mini B.

You can download the manual from Canon Support.

You can also look on eBay or at <>  for the original printed manual that came with the camera.