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Canon LP-E6NH Battery Too Big for EOS R5


Hi, I just bought the Canon LP-E6NH 7.4V batteries, and they are supposed to be compatible with the R5.  But they're too big for my camera.  Can someone comment on this?  Are they in a case?  If so, how do I slide them out?  I'm not the most mechanical person in the world.  Thanks so much!


OK, so these aren't Genuine Canon batteries. ☑️

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The battery comes in a tan plastic case from which they pop out.  You have to take the LP-E6NH battery out of the case or it will definitely not fit in your camera's battery compartment. 

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Hi, I took the tan plastic case off and the battery still doesn't fit.  I am at a loss.  It is way bigger than the battery compartment of my EOS R5.  

Can you share photos of the battery with us? From multiple angles? That would be super helpful! 😊

Here are the picturesBack of battery.jpgBattery with cover.jpg

Unfortunately, I'm going to have to return the battery.  It says right on the order this is supposed to be compatible with the EOS R5, and it will not fit in the battery compartment.  Buyer beware of the BM Premium Camer Power and Care Bundle Canon LP-E6NH 7.4V 2130mAH Lithium Ion batteries if you're trying to fit them in the EOS R5.  



OK, so these aren't Genuine Canon batteries. ☑️

Where did you purchase from?  For Canon batteries, only purchase directly from Canon, or from Authorized Canon Resellers.  Otherwise you risk counterfeit products that could end up damaging your equipment.


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I purchased them from Amazon.  Canon BM-LPE6NH appears on the battery.

Thanks for the list!  I will buy from one of these resellers.  

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