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7Dii Cable accessory kit & battery needed!

Hi Folks,Update:- 7Dii with battery grip just arrived (Used)However, the Canon Box only included the battery charger and a single interface cable. Yes, original 2xCDs manual & other stuff included. Honestly, all in remarkable condition.So, where and ...

TR8620 - Scanner won't open

Greetings all, I have a Pixmia TR8620, I can print via wifi no problem however this morning I went to open the scanner and I got a message : Failed to open connection to the device (-21345). anybody know what that means?TIA 

A canon 50mm 1.0 RF? maybe a 4 blade aperture option too?

As a college student in Houston, Texas, wedding videography gigs have been pursued by me while studying. The Canon T3i marked my entry into videography, and currently, a 90D and R5c with a 28-70mm f/2 lens  While the current setup is appreciated, I c...

zekrom11 by Apprentice
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Mirrorless compatibility with Sigma 20MM F1.4 DG HSM | A

I’ve read random comments about compatibility concerns with some Sigma lenses and Canon mirrorless cameras in various places on the forums.  Most of those have been fairly specific for individual lenses and bodies, so that doesn’t help me so far.I ha...

CPS locations

Hello, does anyone know if Canon CPS in Lyndhurst, New Jersey is now accepting repair request on cameras and lenses for photography only, not for cinematography?Since they closed the Jamesburg facility which was very close to me, I had only shipped m...

PIXMA G7020 Unknown Error

My G7020 printer is currently in an error state but no displaying any error codes to know how to correct it. I have tried turning off and unplugging the printer and resetting the printer. It is still in the error state. How can I help resolve this if...

cksheets by Apprentice
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Resolved! Just a thought…. Photo Vs Mini Movie Clip

Now that DSLR/Mirrorless cameras have ‘Movie’ capabilities, why bother actually taking a photograph? Simply create ‘Clips’ to ensure you capture the “right” moment then edit the actual ‘frame’ that represents what you intended to capture!Am I missing...

Bird Shooting at the Sunnyvale Baylands ...

For a change, I went shooting birds in the Sunnyvale Baylands.  So many species of birds to shoot, I'll have to go back!  Black Neck Stilt R6-MII 150-600mm ISO-125 f6.3 SS-1/1000 FL-600mmLeast Sandpiper (juvenile) R6-MII 150-600mm ISO-100 f6.3 SS-1...

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JFG by Enthusiast
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G3270 not printing ink

I set up my brand new G3270 about a month ago, however I just went to use it for the first time tonight. The ink levels are full, but when I printed out a color picture, it did not print any magenta and was streaky. I did a print head cleaning thinki...

Cgillan7 by Apprentice
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