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i-SENSYS MF655Cdw - Won't Scan

Hello,Two days ago, I bought the MF655Cdw. Everything is great except for one of the most important features: scanning documents to the computer.After purchasing the printer, I followed the steps in the manual. I set everything up as instructed. The ...

EOS R5 Birds in canopy — blurry!

Aloha from Honolulu,Upgraded from a Canon 80D to an R5 to capture white terns in flight.The R5 can take some mind-blowingly brilliant shots.But...But when the terns fly in and dance about above my head in the canopy, I get hundreds of well-composed b...

Screenshot 2024-05-22 at 8.24.49 PM.jpg
catsongs by Contributor
  • 6 replies

Canon Affiliate Marketing Program

I have seen multiple posts mentioning an affiliate marketing program with Canon, but I am unable to find anything about it on Canon's site. Did they discontinue this program?Thanks.

EOS Rebel T100 What does the main dial do?

the T100 has a small dial on the top just above the shutter release button. The owners manual only says this is the "main dial". It does not say what this dial does and I have not been able to determine what it does. Someone please explain to me what...

G3270 poster roll 8.5x47 and automating test print

Hi! I've heard that the Canon Megatank G3270 can take paper 8.5x47 inches but i can't seem to find info on it anywhere. has anyone printed out banners on their home inkjet before? Also wondering... we've had a laser printer for awhile and steered awa...

jojo671 by Apprentice
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RF Lens Suggestion for Travel and Vlogging

Hi! I’m new to the camera industry and looking for some help picking out a lens for my new Canon EOS R10 camera. After doing my research, I purchased a RF 50 mm f/1.8 STM lens. After testing it, I loved the quality of the image however it was too zoo...

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