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Resolved! DPP How to export TIFF files with embedded color profile

Hi folks,Several months ago I discovered I liked the results of saving a Canon CR3 RAW image as an 8 BIt TIFF and then importing into Lightroom for editing. When I did, the color profile would be shown as EMBEDDED.Been a few motnhs, and just tried ag...

in4m8n by Enthusiast
  • 10 replies

Become Certified for Service Manuals

I was given a Colorwave 500 that's broken. I'd like to repair it and have parts available to me. I've repaired many similar printers in the past, but not this type. Based on other answers, Canon service manuals are NOT available publicly. How do I be...

Capting by Apprentice
  • 0 replies

Resolved! Need Cable To Connect EOS M100 To Computer

Am I failing to use the search engine here right or something?  All I'm looking for is the cable to connect my EOS M100 to my desktop, and I see no results for such a thing.  How do I find it, please?

Canon ZR 10 malfunction

When I open the cassette door on my ZR10 camcorder the cassette doesn’t pop up automatically.  It makes the noise as before but the cassette holder doesn’t move up so you can remove the cassette.  Anyone else have this problem?  Any ideas for where t...

EOS R Focus Point Always Moves on Touch

The focus point on the EOS R moves whenever I touch anywhere on the touch screen when I am not looking through the viewfinder. This results in inadverent touches on the screen changing the focus point. I have Touch and Drag disabled, but it still mov...

mikul by Contributor
  • 12 replies
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