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40D upgrade

I have, recently, retired and decided to get back into serious amateur photography. Grandchildren and such. As of now, I have a few Canon cameras. 2 F1s, an A1 and an AE1 P.  A few years back, I decided to try digital photography. I purchased a great...

Rastafarian Tribe

I didn't know that Rastafarian was a whole religion. When I went to Antigua, I happened upon it and got to learn through my image taking. They said I couldn't shoot at first but after chatting a little while, miracles happened and the priest allowed ...

addison-jones-cultural-photographer-01.jpg IMG_0156.jpg addison-jones-cultural-photographer-02.jpg addison-jones-cultural-photographer-03.jpg

About Cloud Raw Proccessing from Camera EOS R7

Hi, i just buy eos r7 and i want use the image.canon cloud raw proccessing directly from camera, i just subscribed...but in eos r7 camera after update firmware 1.5.0 the capacity of proccessing is 0!! Not work and i already subsribed or this service ...

Jowe79 by Apprentice
  • 5 replies

Eos Utility not working with Sonoma and Adobe

continuing to have an issue with eon utility not working with Sonoma and the latest versions of photoshop and bridge.  it says that some other software is connected to the camera and I can only get it to work by loading in safe mode.  Any one found a...

Barrphoto by Contributor
  • 13 replies

24-105mm Image Stabilization Issue on Canon 1D X Mark II

I recently purchased a 24-105 L IS lens and mounted it my EOS 1D X Mark II body.  Oddly the IS works fine when I use Live View the IS works fine but as switch off Live View, the IS shuts down on the lens.   I can hear it spin down and as soon as I tu...

EF 70-300mm lense

I just purchased a new canon EF 70-300mm lense. The lense has small bubbles in the front lense.I have never seen this in any other camera lense prior except for the same lense purchased thru Amazon, I returned it and purchased from a camera store. Th...

What is replacing the MX922 ?

So I gather the MX922 has been disco'd (massive sad face) I've gone through 4 of these printers in the last 3 years.  Trust me... I MORE than exceeded all of their duty cycles, lol.  I always kept at least one spare in stock in case of breakdowns.  B...

bucktoof by Contributor
  • 10 replies
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