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Gifted EOS R5 - What lens for very amateur.

As title says, I was gifted the EOS R5 but without a lense. I am looking for the most basic and cost effective lens for taking photos of my baby everyday and special occasions like birthdays etc. Do I have to only use RF lenses? Or can I use cheaper ...

sukki by Apprentice
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Canon 17mm TS

Hi all,I am using Canon 17mm TS on Z6Ii with Fringer adapter. Now the problem is i cant get all frame in focus. Sharpnes of the lens is fine what i can get in focus, but the problem is it is either middle and right side or it is middle and left side....

Karlov by Apprentice
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Canon 5D IV live-view cannot see in the dark

Hi All,I hope someone could help me with the issue that I won't be able to see the foreground in the live-view/ viewfinder at all in the dark night, I used to be able see the forground before, I have not done any astrophotography for a long time, rec...

ctvu by Apprentice
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On the Hunt

This is a shot I got in the few moments when the male tiger came out of hiding to check if his morning meal was around.  He looks, shall we say, quite focused on business!R6II, Sigma 60-600s@328mm, f/8, 1/500sec, ISO-6400

R62A2730 VLR copy.jpg

Joy of the Job

 After getting back from a wedding, shoot, it was great to get back in the field with our friends. If I had to name this piece, I would probably name it, “Joy of the job”. I think it’s something special when you get to meet people who really truly en...

_L7A6030 2.jpg
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