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TS7720 won't print after Print Plan cancellation

I tried the Pixma Print Plan for a month, but my print volume is much higher than the plans support, and the cost doesn't make sense, so I canceled it. I never installed the cartridges included with the plan. I just tried to replace the starter cartr...

vfoley by Apprentice
  • 2 replies

Future C500 II firmware suggestions

I just updated my C500II to the newest firmware and I'm really happy that canon is continuing to support this camera. Hoping their team sees this thread as I have some hopes for any future updates and I'd encourage any other users to throw their idea...

Resolved! No CD for PIXMA MG2500

I am attempting to install my MG 2500 on my laptop which has no CD .  Went I went to canon.com/ij setup there was no option for 2500.  There is a 2420 and 2520.  Which one do I choose.  Will my printer work?

My G9x wont turn on😭

I just dropped my g9x from a table down the floor then first it said e16 then e02 then it cant turn on.Somebody help me please

HDT by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

RF 100-500 tripod ring won't tighten sufficiently

I have recently purchased an RF 100-500 lens and am very happy with its performance so far.  However, the tripod ring does not seem to tighten sufficiently to prevent the lens/camera from rotating.  Any advice/solution would be greatly appreciated. 

jkphoto by Apprentice
  • 19 replies

Canon EOS 1300D red light showing

Whenever I take a picture it doesn't take the picture like it is trying to develop itself, it sometimes says busy or it just takes too long to take it so I have to turn it off, the red light is permanently showing also when I take a picture. I have t...

sleepy by Apprentice
  • 4 replies

Need help with Canon R6 Mark II

Hello,I have some issues with my Canon R6 Mark II I just purchased and I wanted some advice on what to do.Key issues: Lightroom tethering doesn’t workEOS Utility doesn’t recognise the cameraEF2R lens adapter requires taking on and off each I want to ...

70-200 f/2.8L blurry at 200mm + low aperture

I have been using this lens with my 6D for years (admittedly not regularly - only when I travel), but have recently noticed that things get blurry (moreso toward the outer edges of the image) at 200mm with lower apertures. I can already see the blur ...

IMG_0134.JPG IMG_0136.JPG
izzi by Apprentice
  • 13 replies

Printer won't print.

I have a Canon Paxma 3620 Printer and I'm unable to print anything. I was able to do a test print and was successful, but I cannot print out my tax papers. I did a diagnostic and it was noted that the everything was installed correctly. What should I...

Tmntfan by Apprentice
  • 0 replies

Resolved! Get GPS data to EOS R5 from my cell phone.

I seem to be caught in a perpetual Catch 22 when trying to get GPS data from my Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra to my EOS R5. I was able to set up having the photos downloaded, but no luck with the GPS. In trying to connect the camera to tblhe phone, the so...

TS5351i Cropping image border

Hi, purchased a TS5351i , I'm happy with quality etc the issue I have is printing 4x6 ins post cards, the image shows a border on the outside of print layout yet when I go to PRINT, the border disappears, if I choose borderless it brings the image in...

Screenshot (569).png Screenshot (571).png Screenshot (572).png
WayneOz by Apprentice
  • 3 replies

Couple questions

Hey everyone  what will happen after image.com is no longer available will there be any alternative?  Can someone please explain me,but in language that kid would understand ,what fineness,threshold do in pictures styles? The manual somehow explains ...

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