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EOS R5 Help - Lost Images on Card

I was using my EOS R5, and accidentally wrote my images to The CF express card. I did not have a card reader on me, so I tried to use the canon menu and copy images from one card to the next.i intended to copy my CFExpress to my SD, but I went the wr...

PIXMA TR8620 Wireless Scanning Capability

I have a TR8620 printer/scanner connected via WiFi (Xfinity). I am now able to scan a document with the help of this forum, however, it seems the only option to retrieve the scanned document is via Local USB. My prior HP printer had the capability to...

PIXMA TR8620 won't scan

Greetings all, I have a Pixmia TR8620, I can print via wifi no problem however this morning I went to open the scanner and I got a message : Failed to open connection to the device (-21345). anybody know what that means?TIA 

Resolved! imageCLASS D420 windows 11 driver???

Hello.Just purchased a new Dell tower and am bummed that my trusty imageCLASS D420 will not work with windows 11(at least i don`t think as i cannot find an 11 driver.Much obliged if anyone knows a way i can get them to communicate.BIG thanx!

ffejvt by Apprentice
  • 17 replies

I’m considering getting rf 100mm f2.8L macro but..

For crop sensor,r10 this lens seems bit too long for portraits , not long for sport or wildlife . I’m mainly interested in its 1.4 macro but that money would need to be utilised more than just for that . I already have 35 mm 1.8 but 0.5 macro, and 10...

Canon i960 drivers disappeared

I have a Canon i960 for almost 20 years and it has worked fine. It abruptly stopped a few months ago and I discovered that Canon put this out “The i960 Series has been retired. Product support is no longer available. Driver and content updates are no...

kzaner by Contributor
  • 2 replies

Resolved! Problems with the New firmware 2.0 in canon R5

I just updated my canon R5 firmware 2.0 and the wheel I have on top to set up the diaphragm opening (f) doesn´t work properly and skip some positions and it doesn´t move the parameter at all. If I move for example 4 positions in the wheel maybe chang...

serazan by Apprentice
  • 3 replies

Canon R6 Keeps Changing Itself to Auto ISO

I recently upgraded one camera from the Canon 5D Mark IV to an R6. I have noticed that during the reception while I'm using my Flashpoint (Godox) AD-200 strobes that my camera will not stay on manual ISO. After a few shots, the R6 keeps switching its...

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