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Canon R6II or Sony A7IV?

So I am frustrated because Best Buy doesn't allow you to pick up the cameras on display even at their "camera experience shop" or whatever tf. No point in having them on display as half of them you can't even see the back of. Like wth!And there is on...

dacca by Apprentice
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Fraud - False Advertisment

I wanted to share my experience and seek assistance regarding an issue with a recent purchase. I have owned two Canon printers thus far, and they have been fantastic. The first one, in particular, has been exceptional—it printed for what seemed like ...

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Canon Pro 1000 ink usage

Bought new this spring and now all ink´s are low as well as maintenance. I printed 12 full size A2 that's it....Is there lots of ink left in the tubing and heads so second set of ink will last longer or is it used cleaning heads... 12 prints is way t...

AlexNero by Apprentice
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MP970 Drivers for Windows 10 Compatibility

Good day all.I have a canon MP970 I bought new years ago.I had a re-install on my PC and require compatible drivers for this printer to run. I scan old slides. It scans, but doesn't send it to the PC via USB and I need a solution, please?

Avoid interval rotation in sleep mode

Hi - I have an MF laser printer in my home office, which is also my bedroom.I have set up a schedule that it automatically goes in sleep mode at 10 pm, and wakes up again at 7 am, so I expect it to be completely quiet during these hours.However, from...

Ink cartridges leaking when opened

I don’t know if Canon is having a manufacturing problem with their ink cartridges, but the last few times I’ve opened my 281 cartridges for my PIXMA TS6300 (which I love in every other way), I have ended up with large amounts of ink  dripping out on ...


R6 freezing

My R6 freezes randomly, where I need to remove the battery to get it to function again.  Not even able to power it off when freezes.  It is not my battery, or sd cards.  I use a canon adapter for sigma art lenses.  I also sometime will get a small el...

wsulz by Apprentice
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Resolved! Freezing issues on the eos R6

I have been reading that some team members have freezing issues with the canon eos R 6 , so that means is better for me won’t get it . Can somebody tell me what the R 6 has this thing , please ? 

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