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EOS 5D Mark III Battery Questions

Hi Canon community: New to community. Appreciate any help.I purchased the camera new, used it briefly and placed it in a Pelican case along with lenses for the last few years.Not surprising the battery is dead and did not seem to charge; rapid blinki...

TomRyan by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

4K60P not actually 60p

So I'm editing a wedding that I shot with my R6 II 4K60P footage and noticed that all the clips show they are 4K60P, but some clips are actually 30p when I try to slow them down 40% (I checked each frame on a 60p timeline and its every other frame)60...

Recommendations for new lens not zoom

In charge of taking pictures for the upcoming golf fundraiser for my sons football team.I will be roving on the green as well in charge of individual pics as golfers enter.I currently have a canon Rebel T7. I also have a 75-300 mm lens (which I have ...

t3i viewfinder blurry

when ever I look into my viewfinder its blurry, almost like a fish eye lens. I have tried to adjust the diopter but it doesn't do much.  when I take the picture it comes out completely clear on my screen. I have replaced the focus screen and it didn'...

Annnie by Apprentice
  • 0 replies

R6 Mark ll or R5 Megapixels

I'm debating on getting an R6II or R5. My understanding is that one of the main reasons why some choose the more expensive R5 is because more megapixels (and please feel free to tell me more reasons why R5). R6II megapixels are listed as 24.2, what s...

tellu by Apprentice
  • 7 replies

Printing custom paper size on Pixma Pro 100

Having done this before I'm pretty sure what I'm wanting to know is documented but I'm afraid I cannot find it now. I have purchased a roll of 13" wide paper in order to print sizes different than 13x19. As I recall, Borderless printing is NOT suppor...

aajax by Rising Star
  • 3 replies
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