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How do I fix this problem? - Black shadows on prints

Apologies for not providing a model number.  Color ImageCLASS MF656CdwHave had this issue since my first toner change.  All was perfect up until then.  Have changed all other toner cartridges since, only black cartridge is leaving these marks.  Canno...

bdb2 by Apprentice
  • 2 replies

SD Card Formatting

Hey folks,Beginner having trouble formatting their SD card. I've made sure that I'm inserting my memory card correctly and that it's in the "unlocked" position, but even so, when I go to the menu to format it, the camera says it's locked. Any idea wh...

Canon TR8620 printer

I recently bought this printer and it is printing articles in 18-20 size font! A waste of ink and paper and i do not know how to get it to print normally! (12 or 14pts). Is this a plot by Canon to get us to order lots of ink? I'm usually printing art...

connieb by Apprentice
  • 0 replies

Canon EF 10-20 mm

Has anyone heard anything about when they are going to ship out another batch of rf 10-20mm lens. This is getting ridiculous.

Marmao by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

imageCLASS MF624Cw Errors out Constantly

Hello -I own a Canon image class MFW624C printer that is suddenly erroring out every time I try to print something. I've now tried on a PC, a Windows OS laptop, and a macbook and have gotten the same results. The only way I  can print successfully is...

Screenshot 2024-04-24 135312.png
amckain by Apprentice
  • 0 replies

PIXMA MG3620 Mac won't see printer

CANON PIXMA MG3620 HELP! MAC VENTURA SYSTEMOML!! I am this close to throwing this printer at the wall please someone help me. I have a Mac OS 13 system and can't seem to set up my Canon Pixma MG3620. I first tried installing the driver that came with...

EOS M200 Flash not working

Hi, im currently using m200. may i know why i cant use my flash even for the first time. it stated on the screen flash busy. and i cant take any picture if i raise my flash, but when i close my flash i can snap a picture normally. please help me, im ...

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