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XA60 mp4 videos play choppy/skip on modern media playera

MP4 videos from my XA60 camcorder play choppy, little skips of video, using these modern tiny media players which allow you to plug in hard drives containing the video and connect via HDMI to your tv.  On my old XA11, mts videos play fine, it's the M...

ronbo15 by Contributor
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Canon R5 EVF stuck in portrait

Hi all, I have a strange issue with my Canon R5 EVF. After changing a battery, the EVF sometimes gets stuck in portrait format. i.e all the settings shown in the EVF have rotated round 90degrees counter clockwise. exposure compensation meter is on th...

PowerShot SX70 HS Won't Turn On

Suddenly, my power shot sx70 has stopped working. I have fully charged the battery but the camera will not turn on. Iwas using it yesterday and if froze. I coukd not even get the lense to retract. Thoughts or solutions?

MF460 series Rearranging Display Buttons

I've rearranged buttons on the display of our MF460 series previously but today it is not working.  I sign into the web interface and am able to edit the buttons in both view and list modes but upon pressing "OK" they revert back to their original lo...

24-105 F4 With R5 blurry immage

Hi I recently purchased R5 with kit lens 24-105 F4 and was so exited. I was testing some low light shots and noticed very big difference in the image quality it is very much blurry when I take with 23-105 F4 lens which came as a kit lens with R5. Whe...


My New Canon Pixma G5020 Problem

I needed a new Canon last week because my former Pixma TR7520 ink cartridge broke. I looked for a similar replacement, but i didn't find one, so I purchased the Pixma, which has large bottles of ink. Their main attraction was that the initial ink wou...

Purchasing MF653Cdw or MF654Cdw question

Hi all  . I am currently looking at the Canon MF653Cdw and MF654Cdw . information on the specs I've found have the only difference being the 654 having the addition of ADF . One other site I found had the 654 rated with quite a few differences listed...

Pointseh by Apprentice
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imagePROGRAF TX-4100 estimates new roll as 0'

TX 4100New roll installed (42" x 150' x 2') and it originally originally estimated as 40'. I needed to print so just continued although the estimated length was wrong. Ran several prints. Once it reached a 0' estimated length I had to manually approv...

Magenta Ink Canon G7020

I have had the Canon G7020 for about a year.  It won't print the magenta ink even though it is full.  I have done all the maintenance they suggest and have also reset the printer and updated the firm wear.  Any ideas on what could be happening?  

Pwilson1 by Apprentice
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