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R7 Focus Stacking forces electronic shutter

The R7, and other R series cameras, forces electronic shutter for focus stacking. This prevents the use of flash for focus stacking. There is no really good reason for not allowing mechanical shutter for focus stacking and the choice of which shutter...

rpoole by Contributor
  • 38 replies

RF 100-500 for hiking and travelling?

Hey, I've been wondering for some time now if the RF 100-500 is suited for travelling and hiking.I did a lot of portrait and event work in the past. In the near future are some trips planned. That git me thinking.My gear:- R6- 24-105L F4- Samyang AF ...

hunnu by Apprentice
  • 4 replies

DPP4 noise reduction isn't the greatest

There are many elements of Canon's DPP4 that I love - especially when you are starting with a RAW file. You can do so many adjustments to your images. But, the noise reduction feature is not the greatest, in my opinion. When I try to reduce noise, sa...


Vivitr for Canon 75-300 lens on Canon EOS Rebel T100

Hello, all. My son-in-law has a Canon EOS Rebel T100 camera.  I bought him a Vivitr for Canon wide angle + macro lens for Canon EF 75-300 f/4-5.6 III lens.  I have no photography experience, but based on the research I did, I thought this would fit h...

acr2024 by Apprentice
  • 3 replies

Resolved! PIXMA TR8620 Wireless Scanning Capability

I have a TR8620 printer/scanner connected via WiFi (Xfinity). I am now able to scan a document with the help of this forum, however, it seems the only option to retrieve the scanned document is via Local USB. My prior HP printer had the capability to...

Resolved! Error Code 1660 - PIXMA MX922

Hello Everyone I have a Pixma MX922 and I keep getting the error code 1660. I have changed the ink cartridge 3 times and keep getting the same error message. Is there anything I can do to to correct it or bypass this error? I would appreciate any sug...

Bonz0220 by Apprentice
  • 5 replies

Canon M50 Stuck Shutter?

Well, my M50 seemed to have given up. My shutter is closed, even when the camera is powered off. When I switch it on, the screen and viewfinder don’t turn on, and there’s a faint pulsing sound like the motor is trying to activate the shutter.I’m tryi...

chkrd by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

G3260 Cannon voltage 100 - 220 volt question

Hello and thank you in advance for your replies. I am taking my G3260 with me to Europe. The tag on the bottom says 100 - 220 volts. I can't find any voltage conversion switch on the printer? Does it automatically switch over when I plug it into a 22...

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