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Canon R3 FTP via hotspot on Iphone

HiI am trying to connect my R3 to the personal hotspot on my iphone 14 pro max (IOS 17.4.1) to upload direct to a FTP server.  Adding comm and function settings. Via a set upload to the FTP. I works when I use my home wifi instead of phone hotspot. B...

Canon RF 200-800 Lens Design Issue

A friend of mine was lucky enough to have received her Canon RF 200-800mm lens that she had ordered in Nov. 2023.  She has encountered an issue with the lens design.   The new lens does not appear to allow use of a filter while the lens hood is in pl...

EOS RP Issue - Turns ON by itself.

When the power dial is set to "off" the camera powers "on" by itself and flickers "on" and "off" until the battery dies. I tried updating the firmware and removing all accessories, however the issue still persists.  04/20/2021 UPDATE (for Canon techs...

vp-eosrp by Contributor
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Brand new imageFORMULA R40 smears pencil on pages

I was in the process of scanning school exercise and note books and after about 400 pages scanned, 2 of the rollers started smearing the pencil writing on the pages. This particular book I had already scanned once without any smearing.The rolls got d...

Document numérisé_104.png Document numérisé_118.png Document numérisé_134.png
Lipidus by Apprentice
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Resolved! Printing envelopes on PIXMA TS3522

Hello all,Can anyone tell me if printing envelopes on a PIXMA TS3522 is possible?  Ive created a template on Google docs for envelopes but the paper tray isn't wide enough to accept the standard size envelope when placed horzontally.  It will accept ...

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