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ImageClass MF634cdw not recognizing new OEM toner

My K (black) toner was out so I replaced it with legit Canon 045H black toner cartridge. I am still getting the error about continuing to print quality not guaranteed. When I run a consumables status report, it says 0% level on black and the cartridg...

eb1985 by Apprentice
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Binocular ruber melting

I will never buy any equipment from Canon i am horrified by their lack of response about their melting rubber on binocular that cost $800.00 

Canon TR8620 printer

I recently bought this printer and it is printing articles in 18-20 size font! A waste of ink and paper and i do not know how to get it to print normally! (12 or 14pts). Is this a plot by Canon to get us to order lots of ink? I'm usually printing art...

connieb by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

imageCLASS MF624Cw Errors out Constantly

Hello -I own a Canon image class MFW624C printer that is suddenly erroring out every time I try to print something. I've now tried on a PC, a Windows OS laptop, and a macbook and have gotten the same results. The only way I  can print successfully is...

Screenshot 2024-04-24 135312.png
amckain by Apprentice
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Resolved! Canon 10x30 IS Sticky Body

Camera body is disgusting. These binoculars are not cheap and work well except for this problem which makes them unusable. This is a manufacturer's defect and in my opinion, Canon should compensate the customer.


Canon EOS Utility Wifi: No pairing window appears on Mac

I have spent hours on this. I know that Canon's software is pretty poor, but this is really frustrating even after expecting this to be a bad experience.I have tried connecting my Canon R5 to my Wifi Network and also setting it up as its own Network....

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