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On the Hunt

This is a shot I got in the few moments when the male tiger came out of hiding to check if his morning meal was around.  He looks, shall we say, quite focused on business!R6II, Sigma 60-600s@328mm, f/8, 1/500sec, ISO-6400

R62A2730 VLR copy.jpg

Joy of the Job

 After getting back from a wedding, shoot, it was great to get back in the field with our friends. If I had to name this piece, I would probably name it, “Joy of the job”. I think it’s something special when you get to meet people who really truly en...

_L7A6030 2.jpg

Canon Powershot A2000 IS connection

Hello Canon Community!I bought the Canon Powershot A2000 IS camera on ebay and it works amazing! I am now aware it is a older camera and isn't made anymore although I have a concern. I am trying to find out how to transfer the photos onto my computer...

Resolved! TR7520 will not connect to new router

I followed the Easy Wireless Set Up for Windows - PIXMA TR7520 instructions.I get to step 8, choose "Yes" and receive Support Code 3441 on the printer with a failed connection notice.Step 9 says: If the Select wireless router screen (shown below) app...

DonnaM by Apprentice
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