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i-SENSYS MF275dw Can not print labels

Hi,I have a new MF270dw and I am trying to print on labels from Tower. The labels are for ink jet and laser. However, all the labels are printed as follows:It is also as if the text is embossed on the label. Printing on paper works perfectlymacOS 14....

Screenshot 2024-05-18 at 22.13.37.png
Kenjutsu by Apprentice
  • 9 replies

R6 mkii- No Tethering in Lightroom... Why?

I really enjoy the R6mkii and all the features that were improved from the first R6 version. It absolutely kills me when these cameras go through firmware updates and still don't support tethered photography. Am I missing something for how to connect...

EF 24mm F/1.4 II USM good for Videography on R6 mkII?

Hi,I recently got myself an R6 Mkii as an upgrade for my older 5D. The main reason for choosing Canon was of course to keep all my old EF lenses. A while ago I discovered my interest in videography and started to heavily use my R6 for video along wit...

otagg by Apprentice
  • 0 replies

PIXMA MG6200-series printer stuck "Waiting"

I have a Canon Pixima MG6200 series printer.I recently upgraded to a Unifi networking setup.This printer defaults to connecting to a network via wireless WPS, which of isn't supported by the Unifi, because of security issues or smth I've heard.That s...

Canon Selphy QX10 Multiple Devices

Hello, I couldnt find the answer for this so I am asking here in the forums.I was wondering if the Canon Selphy QX10 is able to connect to multiple devices? I wanted this device to be shared amongst multiple users and if it was able to then this woul...

PivotDNA by Apprentice
  • 0 replies

Canoscan LiDE 400 Saves Every Scan as a PDF

Just bought the Canoscan LiDE400 and I do understand about changing settings but no matter what I do, it saves everything as a PDF which I dont want or need.  This happens regardless of whether I use AUTO or any of the other buttons.  I also have an ...

Tbearmn by Apprentice
  • 8 replies
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