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ImageClass MF741 Factory Reset

I cannot log in to my printer.  I have tried to use the default user name and password (7654321) but it does not work.  I want to reset the username and password and think that I have to factory default the entire printer.  Unfortunately, I cannot fi...


I am unashamedly a wildlife photographer, and as such love both animals and the gear that lets me get up close and personal with them.   The arrival of the Canon RF 200-800 is a significant change in the latter: not only for its reach, but for the sh...

Tet a Tet 1.jpg Tet a Tet 2.jpg

Camera Trade-in

Hello! I would like to trade my DSLR camera with a new one. Will that work? If so, is there anyone i can contact through email to discuss further!Thank you. 

CANON RP touch screen doesn't work

Hey everyone!I bought a new CANON RP camera last year and haven't used it much - maybe a 1000 photos max. Last week I was shooting as usual, with touch screen in open position. Suddenly, it went black. At the same time, I was still able to take pictu...

OlgaK by Apprentice
  • 2 replies

Canon R3 sensor issues?

So last night during a show my viewfinder started flashing horizontal lines across the screen. Occasionally these lines would end up on the photos. Not all photos I would take were affected but I feel like somehow the sensor has been damaged. It isn'...

waltzink by Contributor
  • 14 replies

CanoScan LiDE 400 Auto Scan button only produces PDFs

I just bought and installed a LiDE 400 Scanner. The autoscan button worked fine for about 30 scans and then even when I pushed that button, it keeps giving me pdfs instead. I tried unplugging, switching the port on my computer, rebooting my computer,...

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