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Just a thought…. Photo Vs Mini Movie Clip

Now that DSLR/Mirrorless cameras have ‘Movie’ capabilities, why bother actually taking a photograph? Simply create ‘Clips’ to ensure you capture the “right” moment then edit the actual ‘frame’ that represents what you intended to capture!Am I missing...

Canon RP EVF Changed! Need help!

I need assistance on how to revert my EVF back to a normal view. I was shooting a birthday party in low light with an external speed flash attached. One minute I can see through the view finder clearly the next something happened. How do I change thi...

csmil06 by Apprentice
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EOS Utility program isn't on web site

I am trying to instal EOS Utility on a new notebook computer.  I had it installed properly on my old notebook, now, when I search on Canon Support for the program I can't find it.  I am using Windows 11 (my old computer was Windows 10) and a Canon Re...

Blaine by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

PIXMA MG3620 Ink Issue

Ok, I have a Canon pixma MG3600 and I was low on ink. I switched them out and got about 1 week of printing with new cartridges…they were ‘compatible’ generic ink. When the printing stopped and no specific error code or message other than printer in e...

Ahb2024 by Apprentice
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EOS Webcam Pro not finding 6D

I could use some help. I have upgraded from the free version to the Pro version of the Webcam software to get more control and higher resolution for my 6D for videos and Zoom meetings. I am using a new M2 14" MacBook Pro running Sonoma 14.2.1 (23C71)...

Pixma MG7540 - Ink Cartriges Alternative of CL451

I own a Canon Pixma MG7540 printer, which has been working well for me. I purchased it several years ago in Saudi Arabia, and now that I have moved to the United States, I am unable to find the CLI-451 series ink cartridges that I used to use. Could ...

tiqbal by Apprentice
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blurry photos on sx740

I have Canon SX740, I bought it after SX620 because I though I will make better (clearer pictures), and mainly because I wanted to make macro shots. However, they turn out very often blurry (with lot of noise and edges not sharp enough). I tried prog...

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