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CanoScan LiDE 400 Auto Scan button only produces PDFs

I just bought and installed a LiDE 400 Scanner. The autoscan button worked fine for about 30 scans and then even when I pushed that button, it keeps giving me pdfs instead. I tried unplugging, switching the port on my computer, rebooting my computer,...

7ti Mirror Lockup and Cable Shutter Release

Fairly experienced In DSLR. Mostly waterfall pictures. Love exposures from one quarter second to 2 seconds plus. Looking for the best recommendations to get the clearest pictures I can. One Step shy of full manual. I usually dial in shutter speed I w...

Disabling auto-update on MF656cdw

I'm trying to disable the auto-update feature on my MF656cdw, as I prefer to manually update on all my devices. I am unable to find any control for this. The update path on the printer's control screen allows me to manually initiate an update, but I ...

kahirsch by Contributor
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Canon 80D cannot connect to iphone.

I have had my canon 80D for a few years. The connection to my iPhone has always been glitchy. But lately, I cannot connect at all. I have the latest firmware installed on my camera. Every time I connect the Wi-Fi in my phone settings when I go to the...

EOS Utility - Register Picture Styles "OK" greyed out

Hi all,I have my Canon EOS R which I'm looking to put custom picture styles on.Connected to my Windows 10 PC via USB C to A cable, the Camera shows up fine in EOS Utility and Utility 3.Settings:Camera WiFi setting is disabled. Camera Firmware is 1.8....

Maeda94 by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

Canon EOS R7 Image Playback to LCD Screen

I recently switched from an EOS t8i to an R7.  I primarily shoot underwater in housing, so the "auto" switch between the viewfinder and the LCD screen doesn't work... the camera doesn't sense when I'm up close and using the viewfinder. That's totally...

divindk by Apprentice
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Shutter count 80D

Hi there! Does anyone know how to retrieve the shutter count for the Canon 80D? I tried checkshuttercount .com and camerashuttercount .com, both said no shutter count. I also tried downloading the eos digital info from Sourceforge, but that was a bus...

JLaw08 by Apprentice
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