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Resolved! PIXMA TS6220 won't connect to Wi-Fi

Hello again, After being scammed by Technod Solutions, which actually got my printer attached to my wifi and it printed yesterday, today the printer will not connect to my wifi again, nor will it print.  When I click on support I get a weird message ...

A_Hicks by Apprentice
  • 10 replies

R6 Quick control dial stopped working

Iā€™m not sure if it was a fluke after a firmware update but I did one a week or so ago and my quick control dial started to act up.   I use it to scroll through images during quick reviews and it was freezing.  Now today it no longer works at all.  I ...

Camera Upgrade: Which would you recommend?

Hello! I am a member of a Public Library's marketing team and an amateur photographer, and we have been allotted $2500 to purchase a new camera and/or lenses for the department. We take mostly photos of people and events, and currently have a Rebel T...

Do You Keep a Camera or Lens for the Feel of It?

There have been a couple of cameras that have long since been bypassed by technology.  The first of these was the EOS 60D, of which I had 3 examples and I just loved the feel of the body, layout of the controls and the balance in my hands.  I kept th...

The latest firmware version for the Canon EOS Rebel T8i

I just got the Canon EOS Rebel T8i. I was wondering what the latest firmware version for the Canon EOS Rebel T8i was because I can't find any download for any update for the camera firmware. I even asked CHATGPT, and it said there's a 1.1.0 version, ...

Canon EL-5 Speed Light

I currently own 2 Canon R5 camera bodies. I would like to use the Canon EL-5 flash on the hot shoe. Is there an adapter available to allow the new style flash to mount on the old type of hot shoe. The EL-1 flash is out of my price range and is no lon...

Canon printer compatible with 365?

Hi, I have a couple of canon printers that I want to know if they can be connect to my organization network, but for that I need to know if they are compatible with Microsoft 365. These are the printers:1. Canon iR-ADV C55602. Canon LBP1538C 3. Canon...

Jost_Fer by Apprentice
  • 0 replies
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