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Resolved! AfterShot Pro 3 and RAW files

I really like the capabilities of Corel AfterShot Pro 3.  I have been unable to make it load Canon Raw (CR2) files.  Has anyone out there suceeded in doing that ? Thanks,

mangurian by Rising Star
  • 12 replies

I want one really good lens

I am on a limited budget and currently have a refurbished R6 and the kit lens.  I also have a couple of other RF lenses.  These are good lenses, but just not as good as L lenses.  What is the least expensive, high performance L lens?  I don't want to...

Resolved! Trouble Connecting EOS R8 to EOS Utility on a Mac

I am having issues connecting my R8 to my Mac via the EOS Utility. I have the latest software and have gone through the user manual. The message I keep getting is:"Communication with the camera via USB cannot be established.Start EOS Utility after cl...

tjdowling by Contributor
  • 54 replies

Pixma Pro-10 print head problem

Hi! I expect my question has been answered somewhere, but I am new to the board.  Hope you will indulge me.  I have a Pixma Pro-10 that I acquired from someone who did not use it for 4 years.  6 of the 10 printer heads were clogged completely and oth...

rjfortin by Apprentice
  • 3 replies

Clean HDMI out R50

I would like to use my Canon R50 with my Blackmagic ATEM Mini switcher. When I use it however, the focus icon does not go away and gets recorded on the output.  Is there a clean HDMI feature on this camera, if so, how do I set it up?

Is R50 worth the plunge?

I am currently using a 6D + 40mm f2.8 STM. Mainly used for capturing family events and occasional street photog. I don’t adjust my setting much, typically just the aperture and EV.As I age, I find myself less willing to bend down to see through the v...

b1azza by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

Canon RF 200-800 Lens Design Issue

A friend of mine was lucky enough to have received her Canon RF 200-800mm lens that she had ordered in Nov. 2023.  She has encountered an issue with the lens design.   The new lens does not appear to allow use of a filter while the lens hood is in pl...

RF1200mm Green Arc

I rented a Canon RF 1200mm f/8 lens and used my Canon R5 camera to photograph the solar eclipse.  In the diamond ring pics a green arc appears just beyond the jewel of sunlight.  I’ve not seen this before in my eclipse pics and I’m wondering what mig...

01 Diamond Ring 1 548A7007.jpeg

DOA right out of box! LBP632cdw E000-0000

Purchased this printer 6 months ago for a small business . Yes, it sat brand new in the box until today. Unpackaged it set it all up and Turn on and the menu screen says turn the main power off and on E000-0000.I did, same thing  happened little furt...

tigner75 by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

ImageRUNNER iR1643P reverse print order

Does anyone know if it's possible to reverse the print order of pages on this printer? By reverse the print order I mean print the last page of a document first, print the second to last page second and so on. I'm not finding the option anywhere in t...

Fax Forward to folder on imageRUNNER 1643iF

I am having difficulty with getting faxes or scans to forward over to a folder on the server and have several questions. The folders for scans and faxes are shared. I have added a Type: File in the address book for scans and faxes both. I have logged...

djc1309 by Apprentice
  • 2 replies
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