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EOS R50 lens twitches while camera is off

I have noticed that the lens on my new RF50 mm f1.8 “twitches” when I insert either a SD card or a battery. Obviously, I always ensure the camera is switched off before taking either of these out or reinserting them. Is this normal behaviour? It sugg...

imageformula p-215ii - non-volatile memory

My company is looking to buy a "dumb" scanner that has no wifi/bluetooth capabilities and this looks to be a strong contender.  The only thing that we have been unable to find documentation on is whether this piece of equipment has non-volatile memor...

D570 How do I change the default settings?

My D570 works great but I am working on a project that needs the density changed as well as the type changed to "photo".  It's quite tiresome to have to reset those setting each and every page I print. Is there a way to change the default settings?

busynest by Contributor
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Your thoughts on RF 35mm and video focusing

 Hello,I decided to buy a Canon R8! Mostly, I plan to use the camera for travel and family videos. Currently, I have an old Canon 650D body, a Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 STM, and a Canon EF-S 24mm f/2.8 STM, which I love using for photography. However, the ...

Grep by Apprentice
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EOS R10 Zoom lens recommendations

Hey everyone, I recently bought the R10 with the 18-45 standard lenses and I'm looking to get a new lens with higher zoom. I'm basically torn between getting an 18-150 (and travelling with that as my only lens) or getting a 55-210 and having both wit...

meill by Apprentice
  • 3 replies

18-135mm IS USM or 55-250mm IS STM?

Hi! As the title suggests, I'm looking for a new lens but I'm not sure which to get. I already have the 18-55mm and was thinking that pairing it up with the 55-250mm would be good, but it might be a hassle for me to keep switching lenses (or bringing...

rigby by Apprentice
  • 5 replies

A selection of techniques all at once

I took these pictures at a recent studio photography experimental session. I do these as often as I can to give me a chance to explore less common techniques for photography. Here I've combined:Long exposureFlash exposureConstant lightCamera movement...

2405R62_5251_3981-IG.jpg 2405R62_5254_3984-IG.jpg

MAXIFY MB2720 Trouble installing on computer

I purchased a Maxify MB2720 to replace my old Maxify MB2720, and I cannot get the new one installed on my computer. Each time I try to print, I get a message that says, "printer error". It does not give me any kind of code either. 

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