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EOS R7 suddenly unresponsive

While connected by USB to a computer, my refurbished EOS R7, purchased from Canon  9 months ago, just stopped responding.  I have replaced the battery, twice.  Not much else to say.  On the offhand chance this is something I can deal with, I am posti...

lngndvs by Apprentice
  • 3 replies

XA60 Firmware Update White Balance

Anyone install the first firmware upgrade?  Since it's a little risky to update firmware, I wanted to ask for verification that the update which says it allows white balance adjustment during recording is limited to that. The white balance functions ...

ronbo15 by Contributor
  • 1 replies


Question: Getting back to being strictly a hobbyist. Recently purchased R-7 with RF 18 - 150 mm kit lens.  Used to have a Canon 50D and will be able to use my old EFS 18 - 200mm and EFS 60 mm macro lenses with R7 and adapter. Looking to add another t...

srg6 by Contributor
  • 3 replies

Resolved! Pixma TR8620a Duplex Printing Issues

Hello all!I am running Windows 10. Printer is #PixmaTR8620a.My printer has suddenly changed it's double-sided printing options.It used to print both sides of the paper from the bottom cassette, i.e. print one side of the paper, then draw it back in, ...

DrTek by Apprentice
  • 5 replies

EF 70-300mm lense

I just purchased a new canon EF 70-300mm lense. The lense has small bubbles in the front lense.I have never seen this in any other camera lense prior except for the same lense purchased thru Amazon, I returned it and purchased from a camera store. Th...

Resolved! GX7021 Sold as New on Amazon - Is Used. What Can I Do?

I wanted to share my experience and seek assistance regarding an issue with a recent purchase. I have owned two Canon printers thus far, and they have been fantastic. The first one, in particular, has been exceptional—it printed for what seemed like ...

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Toner end of life warnings after two years???

I am curious about user's experience with Canon toner cartridges and end of life warnings. My experience with starter toner cartridges in my MF634 is that Canon generates end of life warnings after two years, even though toner has 20% left. If I inst...

40D upgrade

I have, recently, retired and decided to get back into serious amateur photography. Grandchildren and such. As of now, I have a few Canon cameras. 2 F1s, an A1 and an AE1 P.  A few years back, I decided to try digital photography. I purchased a great...

R3 Freezing

My R3 froze up back in April. The screen is on but it will not release the shutter, allow me to change any settings or focus. The off switch does not work and the only way to power it off is to take the battery out. I never got a response back in Apr...

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