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Does it work or should I get the EW-88 hood from Vello? I can't imagine there is that big a difference between the Mark III lens and the Mark II, but maybe there is. I appreciate the help. David
I rented an RF 100-500 to use on my R5. From the info screen and manual, it says that Stop Focus Search should be on for super telephotos or those with a wide zoom range. However, I am unable to change this parameter or Continuous Focus Search. Pleas...
In looking through the forum, it seems IBIS is not available if the lens has IS option. Can someone explain why this may be the case?
Is it possible? I’d like to take a series of long exposures without having to use an intervalometer. Thanks
Hi,I have camera tab 7 Screen Info displays to cycle through 4 screens. It only is cycling through 3 screens as I keep pushing the Info button. And these screens don’t correctly provide the Info I selected for each screen. Any ideas?David
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