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How to open the photo in the preview window after taking the photo?Photo in Preview window Like this:
How to resize zoon-AF Live View Rectangle Width and Height ?IntPtr evfStream;UInt64 streamLength;EDSDKLib.EDSDK.EdsGetPointer(, out evfStream);EDSDKLib.EDSDK.EdsGetLength(, out streamLength);vRect = _model.VisibleRec...
This is how I apply the code. So the loop doesn't work properly and 300 photos don't fall. So which code can be applied then 300 photos will come correctly. And the code is like this:string paths = @"f:\404\" + idtxt.Text;            Directory.Create...
How to draw rectangle on picture box and how to crop this rectangle area in canon SDK in C#?
 How To Add Kelvin Functionality in canon EDSDK ?
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