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Is there a way to configure the joystick buttons on an RP to move the focus point by default? I did not see this option in the button configuration screen for the joystick buttons but I am hoping I missed something. I know I can use the joystick butt...
If I move the focus spot to a position other than the center of the frame, how can I easily recenter the focus spot on my EOS M5? Thanks.
When I use focus bracketing on my R5 sometimes it uses the electronic shutter and sometimes it uses the electronic first curtain shutter. Can someone point me to an explanation of what parameters cause the shift from electronic to electronic first cu...
I would like to change the exposure bracket width on my R5 from one stop to two stops with my eye to the viewfinder. The only way I can find to do that is to use the menu. Is there any way to assign the exposure bracket to a dial or function? Thanks.
How can I mirror my R5 screen on my Windows 10 PC. I need to show exactly what is on the camera's screen, particularly the menus, on my Windows PC screen for a presentation to a photography club. Can anyone point me to instructions? Thanks.
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