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Where online can I find if my G1x iii is still under warranty with checking the serial number? Google has not been helpful. 
I can’t seem to get NFC to function properly. I can connect my Samy S21+ (android 13) using NFC. However, I can’t transfer photos (jpg or raw). On the camera, I see the photos to select. On the phone, it says to “operate the camera and select images ...
I have the wifi setup from my camera to my Samy S21 plus android 13 phone. When I go to import the jpg, I receive an “unsupported file” error message. This also happens with raw files.
So, I bought a G7x ii for $75. It seems to work great! The grip needs replacing tho and the wifi button doesn't depress... I can get around the wifi using nfc. Any suggestions for either? Perhaps someplace that can help me fix the two?
I just received my new to me 77d. I do have af points display enabled. Yet, the af points are not showing up in playback.....I only seem to see the SF points displayed when I use AUTO mode. However, I use P or Av most of the time...and the af points ...
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