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Hi guys,Are Canon's pigment  based inks for color printing exactly the same in Europe as in the US for the Pro-1000? And are they named in English or in the country's official language?Thank you.
Hi guys,sRGB vs Adobe RGB camera setting (when using LR editing software)?What do you think? Thanks a lot.
Hi guys,I have a PRO-1000, but my question applies to any printing situation. I print museum quality images.When I am finished printing a specific image, I end up with 3 images: 1. The original Image file on my screen, 2. the adjusted for printing im...
Hi guys,I used an Epson 3880 for years until it ceased functioning and I made the switch to the Canon Pro-1000. How do I use the Epson Hot (and Cold) Press paper (it would be expensive to throw away), and Epson Ultra Premium Presentation Matte leftov...
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